Banner Ads

Banner Ads

Banner ads are the ads you see on websites normally along the sides of a web page or along the top or bottom of the website. In most cases, they are placed in between sections on the web site. They are embedded into posts and found wherever you see an ad.

Banner ads can be just about any size you can think of but normally they are smaller ads that can be placed strategically around the web site. Pricing for banner ads can vary depending on the placement of them on the website.

The popularity of the website you are planning on advertising on has a dramatic effect on the price you will be paying. The larger the traffic that visits the site the more expensive your banner ads will be.

There are some real experts in doing large buys of this space. In fact, some of these firms buy the space in advance and then sell it to current clients and future clients of their firm.

Being a client of these firms can offer you some great inside deals on space that needs to be filled at the last minute. Once you establish a relationship with one or two of these firms you can become one of the “insiders” on these remnant space ad deals.

Start negotiations on your own

When buying space for banner ads it is always a good idea to get your feet wet. Find a few websites you would like to place your ads on. Contact the website owner and see if they allow banner ads and the cost and specifications for ad size. Ask if they have any restrictions and who will need to approve the ads.

You need to find out where your ads will be paced on their website. This is a critical negotiation. If you allow them to place them anywhere your level of traffic will be low. If you can’t get on the first page or two of the site, see if they rotate their ads on their banners. If the ads rotate throughout the website yours will get some good traffic.

Remember to track and record all results. The number of clicks, conversions, sales and upsells. Every detail can be analyzed after your campaign has run. These results will determine your R.O.I (return on investment).

There are some great companies that offer banner ads. You will find some referrals to them in our resource section.

When choosing a banner ad agency

Dealing with a banner ad agency first means checking them out. See how long they have been offering their service. Find out what sites they buy ad space on. Investigate these sites and see if they offer you any benefit to your products or services.

Just because you can buy banner ads doesn’t mean you should. You need to confirm every detail. Try to get references from past clients. Google the company to see about reviews of their services. Investigate everything you can about the company before you make your first purchase.

Once you are ready to make your first purchase please test the company with small buys at first. Once your test proves profitable, roll out a larger campaign. Testing all the way along is critical to your bottom line. This is your money, spend it wisely.

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