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Less than 10 years ago, E-books were almost unheard of. Today they are available in a variety of different formats. You can read them on smart phones, I-Pad, Kindles, and regular computers and tablets.

They have devices specifically designed to allow you to store all your e-books on a single device and read at your pleasure, they are called Kindles.

Amazon.com has turned the world on to E-books and sells millions of them every month. Along with our friends at Apple. E-books are easy to read as you can adjust the size of the print you read, allowing everyone the ability to read them easily.

E-books are even available in audio format, to allow you to listen to the book.

How can you use E-Books?

You create an e-book that has great value to the reader. You give this book away to your prospect in exchange for their contact information.

Your books need to provide top quality information that your reader can use immediately. If they can adopt your information and begin to use it immediately, you create a great value. People will want to get a copy of your E-book and will willing provide their basic information in order to get it.

How long does your E-book need to be?

E-books can be 4 to 6 pages long or 100 plus pages long. It all depends on how long it takes you to provide your valuable information on your chosen subject.

If your prospect is interested in your E-book they will read it from cover to cover. If it provides a step by step process, this can lock them into your service or product even more.

You can lead your prospect down a path that eventually ends up offering them more information or more products. Of course, these extras will actually cost money and this is where you convert your prospect into a customer or client.

What is your E-book about?

E-books can be about anything that is related to your product or service. Write it about the top 3 to 10 secrets in your business. Write it on the top 5 things to avoid when dealing with your products or services.

Write the books on something that your readers will think is valuable and that they must have. Write on some kind of tip or hint that only you and your clients or customer would know. If you can provide good valuable information you can write an E-book.

Now write a great headline and title for your e-book

Write an attention-grabbing headline. Make a promise that will help change their circumstance for the better. Paint a quick picture of the result they are seeking.

Spend 75% of your time working on the title and your headlines for your advertising.  Your title needs to stand out from other books on the same subject. It needs to be of great interest to your prospective customer.

You can use some of your titles you come up with as headlines for your ads you will run to promote your new book. Remember to test the headlines so that you can create your “Control Ad”. Then test different headlines for ads and the copy that you use for them.

Each time you test an ad, do it for a specific period, a few hours, a day or a week. Pick a period and then base your tests on that time period.

Track all the results and responses you get. Track the downloads of the e-book and if any sales of your main product or service are done.

Always ask your prospect “How did you hear of me or us?”

This should be a rule for every single person in your business. Always find out how the person you or your staff are talking to heard about your company. Record their answers. This is valuable information and a must when dealing with Internet advertising and marketing.

Ask questions as to how they first saw your ad and what made them get your Lead Magnet. Find out when they first saw the ad. The more information you can gather the more valuable it is.

Create a simple card, email or sheet that your staff can use to ask the questions. Keep a copy at every phone, computer or paste it on the wall in their offices. Make sure they use it.

Train your staff to ask questions and how to sell your service or product.

It is amazing how many companies fail to fully train their staff on how to deal with a new prospect or client.

The first impression that a prospect gets when they call or contact your company should make them want to deal with your company. Every member of your staff needs to be trained how to make this first experience the best one possible. Training programs and manuals with scripts are critical to your business success. Every one should be able to sell the benefits of you company.

Re-read that last paragraph, you need to train all staff to sell your business and be able to draw prospects into your business. This is a critical mistake made by many businesses. Their staff are not trained to take care of your customers every needs and possible problem. You need to write out every step of your process from the initial greeting to the continued follow-up program.

Build this manual as soon as you begin your research. Write out your sales presentations and sales offers. Write out scripts for your people to use. There is no detail too small to consider. McDonald’s secret is their systems. Everything in that business is a well thought out and implemented system. It has been refined over the years into a profit machine. They do it, when would you not do it to?

Use your E-book to attract your prospect, use your staff to sell them on dealing with you

Focus on training your staff on how to deal with all initial inquires whether an e-mail, fax or phone call. Provide them all the information they need to help them sell your prospect on dealing with you and your business.

Then train them on how to use this information step by step. Practice it with each other and learn how to handle un-expected questions or objections.

The better trained your staff the more successful your company will be.

Your E-book draws them in, your staff or message after that, sells them on you and your company. Make this first impression the best you can. Every step from that moment on should be planned and practiced to perfection. Athletes make big money for being perfectionist and well trained. Look at how they are compensated for that kind of commitment. Can you commit to that kind of work ethic?

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