Autoresponders are the work horses of the Internet. Providing your follow-up systems.  They automate your sales and follow-up system allowing you more time to  focus on building new advertising campaigns.

Used to send emails to your prospects and to your customers. Designed to drip emails on your customers for Days, weeks, or months after your last contact with them.

Each of the Autoresponders listed below are well know for helping Internet marketers sell their products and services. You can investigate them on Google to see reviews, but realize you will see both good and bad reviews on any software programs on the market. Having a couple accounts is not a bad idea. It ensures at least 50% of your systems are working if you experience a failure of one of them.

When using the internet, system crashes happen. More than we would ever like to see, but they do happen. Backing up your lists is important and having a couple autoresponders is a good idea.

These are a few in no specific order.

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