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When you have your Press kit ready there are many ways to get it out to the world. One of the easiest ways is to use the Internet. They can take your Press release kit and send it to hundreds of sites to see about getting you some free press. Some sites charge for the service others perform it for free. You need to research to find ones that will work best with you.

Do not pass up on calling all your local, TV, radio, Cable and newspapers to see about trying to get free press first. Then move on to these firms or work with both at the same time.

24-7 Press Release

Well priced service to help distribute your press releases. One or two media pick up your press release and you easily pay for this service.


Another PR site to help you get your press release out to the world.

This site offers a free distribution of your press release, always worth a look.

Another free Press Release site

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