Direct Marketing Training

Direct Marketing training is a little harder to find these days compared to Internet marketing training. There are more books than courses when it comes to this type of training. Check out our SalemarketingNetwork Amazon library for some good reading.

One of the best Direct Marketing training groups is Dan Kennedy and the folks at GKIC. We have been members for years with this organization and they have a great trial membership that I recommend everyone take advantage off.


I do not need to say much about this referral, it is a very good source for any business person to investigate. If you sell services or products, you need to visit this site.

The post offices also offer some great training and advice. At the same time they can quote you the cost of mailing your sale package to your customers.


Canada non-stop information center. There are very few countries that like to produce massive amounts of paper like governments. Sometimes the information they produce is useful.

United States Postal Service

Another gigantic paper producing company. Some great resources and resourceful links.

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