4 Reasons Why Webinar Is Your Best Tool For Modern Day Marketing

Webinars are a great way to promote your business and to teach your customers about your business. You can use them to help train people on your product and services. They make very good platforms for selling your business. Jarek discuss the 8 reasons why using webinars can help promote your business. With Videos becoming the best option to market your business on the internet learning about how to do it and why you shoudl be doing it is mandatory.


4 Reasons Why Webinar Is Your Best Tool For Modern Day Marketing

Every craftsman knows that to get a job done well, you need to have the right tools. Although there are many marketing tools that can help you get your message out there, webinars rank as the #1 tool for modern day marketing. Webinars give marketers the chance to demonstrate and showcase their products to a live audience. What’s more, you can interact with your audience in a real-time.

Of course, there are other tools that are necessary parts of your online marketing toolkit. For example, social media marketing is a great way to post targeted pay-per-click ads and strengthen customer loyalty in your brand. Email marketing is a great way to sell your products and reach many customers. However, none of these tools matches what webinars can do in terms of marketing. In fact, online conferences can be used to both boost your email marketing campaign and strengthen your social media strategy.

Reasons Why Webinars are the Best Tool for Modern Day Marketing

Let’s look at the many reasons why investing time and resources into creating web conferences is a smart marketing strategy.

Video marketing

Video marketing is first on the list because it is fast dominating internet traffic. In fact, videos and online streaming now account for around 75% of internet traffic. Recorded webinars can be edited and broken down into smaller segments. You can use these clips as short educational or training videos that can boost your marketing efforts. These short video clips can be uploaded to video sharing sites or be featured in your blog posts. Video marketing is an essential part of modern day online marketing.

Improve search engine rankings

Obviously, the larger your online footprint is, then the better you will do in the search engine rankings. Google reward businesses and websites that provide high-quality content and video material. Remember, it’s not just videos that you can repackage from your webinar presentation. You can use your transcript as a basis for future blogs, you can post your slides on photo-sharing sites, and you can distribute PDF handouts. All these methods of redistributing your webinar content result in more inbound links to your website.

Become an authority in your niche

More than all other marketing tools, webinars give you the chance to become an authority in your niche. Webinars give you the chance to create and deliver high-quality visual content that can have a positive impact on your audience. Webinars also give you the chance to take questions from your audience and answer those. Your customers will view you as an authority when you can answer their most important questions.
Increase brand awareness

Having a strong brand that others recognize is one of the keys to successful marketing. Your brand also lets you stand out from your competitors. For example, webinars allow you to target a specific audience who are, most likely, already interested in your product. The authority that you build up during the webinar will strengthen your brand.

Engage with your audience

One of the unique marketing benefits of hosting a webinar is that it lets you engage with your audience on a personal level. For example, where else can your customers hear and see you speak directly to them? Webinars are also great educational and training tools, which can help to provide something of value to your customers.

Increase lead generation

Webinars can increase lead generation is a way that no other marketing strategy can do. Of course, with an email campaign you can reach hundreds and even thousands of customers. However, how many of them are engaged? With webinars, you know that most who register to attend are already showing a level of intent. You can leverage this to boost your sales and promote your products to a captive audience.

Cost effective

Although webinars take some investment in time and resources, it is still a very cost-effective way to market your products. Many of the tools that are required to host a webinar are either free or cheap to use. This means that all you need is a good, stable internet connection and you can reach out to a worldwide audience.

Connect with industry leaders

Webinars also allow you the opportunity to connect with other industry leaders and have them as guest presenters on your webinar. Having a guest speaker will help boost your authority in your niche and also attract more customers. You will also build up a loyal customer base because your audience will view you as someone who provides high-quality content from a number of different angles.

Educate and train

More than all the other marketing tools that are available, webinars are the best method to train and educate customers. For example, you can show how a product works and demonstrate the benefit to the user. You can include testimonials from other satisfied customers. Training videos can be recorded and then distributed later. All of this adds significant quality to your online marketing strategy.

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