4 tips when you are pitching your business to local news television and radio stations

Kerry gives us 4 quick tips on trying to position your business for some free publicity. Making your business or yourself news worthy can help promote your business to more people in your local area.

Being thought of as the local expert goes a long way to helping you get the free publicity you seek. How can you become an expert in your field? THe first step is to figure out who is an expert in your field. Once you find someone like that you can emulate them. Learn about what they do best and if possible how they do it.

The internet is a great place to dig up information on experts in any field. Search out your business and type in the word expert in your business and your city. See what pops up. Better yet, you liklely know who is tops in your field. Research them and find out what makes them an expert.

Model some of their best traits and habits. Becoming an expert in your field just takes some effort. Many of us all ready are experts to some degree, we just did not know it. How many people have you helped in your business. When you can’t remember that number you are likely half way to being an expert.

Kerry’s tips help you to keep your eyes open to find opportunities to promote your business. Learn to always be looking for an opportunity to get some free press.



4 tips when you are pitching your business to local news television and radio stations

Are you looking to get featured in your local or national news coverage?

One of the key points you need to remember is that to get this type of coverage you need to be on target and newsworthy to be interviewed. What does that mean? Two things…

First you must have credibility, why should they listen to you? This is where your bio and current media coverage comes in handy. Having a sample article or interview to send over to a potential reporter is vital. Let them hear your voice or see your latest article.

Secondly, your pitch needs to be on target with what’s going on with the current story.

For example, when I was featured on a local radio program we talked about women in the media. I sent a pitch into the host of the show with statistics showing how the number of women in media is declining and how it was newsworthy because at the time, two very famous reporters with major news networks were being let go based upon their looks. They immediately got back with me and decided to set up an interview.

Tips for Local News Pitches

I’ve compiled a few tips that you need to keep in mind when you are pitching local news television and radio stations:

1. Keep abreast of what is going on in your community and in the national news. If there is a story that relates to what you do or something that you are interested in, take note. Be ready to sight the source of the media outlet and the date that it showcased.

2. Find a way to make the story relevant to what you do and how you offer advice that can provide a valuable opinion to their listening or viewing audience. I have a saying, you don’t want to bend your tree only the branches, so don’t go too far out of scope.

3. If this is something relevant to you make sure you have plenty of experience you don’t want to be featured on something that you are considered a novice. If you have an interest in women’s rights and you see a story that covers that, you can formulate your pitch with what you’ve done in regards to women’s rights.

4. Lastly, your pitch should be short and to the point, just a few sentences or short paragraph is enough. I always suggest writing your pitch and then rewriting it a few more times before submitting it.

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