How To Double Your Social Media Results In Three Months

This article focuses on specific steps that you can take to increase your presence on the internet. After reading it I felt it made some great points. Posting something everyday is not easy but can be done. Using VA (Virtual Assistants) or ghost writers can help and can be found for a low cost. Check our Resource section for more information on the subject.

Ensuring you have good, relevant information for your website visitors is important if you want to build a real following for your business. Consider adding guest writers or bloggers as we call them. You can offer to promote them and their articles on your site.

Bruce Kasanoff provides 6 tips that you can use to help increase your results when using social media. Even before he gets to the 6 points he offers 5 quick tips that are as valuable as the main 6 tips.


How To Double Your Social Media Results In Three Months

Social media works, but only if you use it.

My headline is an example of what works best on business-related social media:

• Offer a clear benefit to the reader, right up top in any article or update

• Use numbers. Sorry, but it works

• Validate those numbers (more on this below)

• Be positive, concise, and clear

• Serve, don’t sell. Be far more focused on helping others than on self-promoting yourself

Let’s get started with my 90-day social media improvement plan…

1. Post something every day. Here’s a simple truth: to get traction on social media, you actually must be active on social media.

For example, I’ve written 630 articles on LinkedIn, more if you count the ones that crashed and burned so badly that I deleted them. As a result, nearly every morning I find emails from potential new clients inquiring about my services. Social media is my entire sales and marketing strategy. But social media only works when you use it frequently. If you skip days or weeks between posts, you won’t see an upturn in your results.

In other words, post 90 times in the next 90 days. Yes, 90 times.

2. Teach the machine that you matter. This is unbelievably important: every major social media site now uses algorithms that decide who sees — or more accurately, does not see — what you post. Many statistics get tossed around, including one that suggests as few as 4% of your network may actually see what you post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or other sites. You can increase this number by posting frequently pieces that others like, share, and comment on. In other words, just by following #1, you will likely more than double your “organic reach”, as it is called. The rest of my social media tips will further increase your results.

3. Be crystal-clear about what you do. The key to “serve, don’t sell” is to be extremely clear in explaining what you do. Once you develop a one to a nine-word description of your career focus, you can include it in your business-related social media profiles. This eliminates the need to make every post a self-promotion because you can simply include a line at the end of your articles (or one in your headline or description. Mine is “ghostwriter for thought leaders”.

4. Help others. Every single offering you post on social media should help others. Teach them a lesson. Share facts or stories they can use immediately in their jobs. Offer words of support or inspiration. Connect them with other interesting people. This is where “serve, don’t sell” comes in. Never attempt to make sales via social media; instead, simply create and strengthen professional relationships. You do this by helping others, proving yourself to be credible, and always being interesting.

5. Provoke positive reactions. I have no interest in getting you to nod your head and move on. Instead, I try to get you to actually do something positive that will help your career in the days and weeks ahead. If, after reading this article, you think, “I should be more active online,” I have failed. But if you agree to take a leap of faith and actually post every day for the next three months, both you and I will have succeeded.

Set similar goals for yourself. Provoke people to do something that will help them.

6. Listen and respond. You’re probably still stuck on #1, wondering how you can possibly come up with 90 comments, shares, updates, images and/or articles to share. So here is my single most effective tip: listen to how others respond to what you share.

Other people will give you your best ideas. Their reactions will show which of your ideas have the greatest impact. They will tell you what they are curious about.

Listen to these responses, and use them to guide what you do next. Social media is a communications medium, and effective communications depends on a feedback loop. Show members of your growing network that you are listening to them. No, better yet, prove it.

Bruce Kasanoff is a ghostwriter for thought leaders and the co-founder of More Intuitive.

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