How to Use Publicity Opportunities in your Sales Efforts

Learning multiple ways to get PR helps to promote your business. The first two ways Kerry discusses are important to  adopt immediatly. The second two are more difficult. Learning how to speak in front of people is difficult for almost everyone. Dealing “one on one” is easy for most of us. Putting us in front of a larger group of people makes everyone nervous. Even professional speakers

Professional speakers still  get nervous just before taking the stage. They have learned how to deal with the pressure and many thrive on it.

I have not yet used Podcasts but I understand they are a very good marketing tool. The primary reason is because your clients or customers can listen  to your podcast anytime using their smart phone. They can not read a blog, or watch a video while driving, but they can listen to you.  I plan to  begin using this more in all my business in 2017. In fact, once I make a couple I will post them here for your review.


How to Use Publicity Opportunities in your Sales Efforts

4 Ways you can leverage good PR and publicity from media interviews to help you close more sales for your small business

If utilized properly, you can make money from media interviews but not the way you think or you’ve been told.

Below are a few tips for you to maximize your sales efforts with your media interviews. Keep in mind this is to help you in your closing process, you will need to include links to your interviews for a potential client to review.

Include in Email Signature Line

Your email signature line is an excellent way to market your media exposure and publicity in sales contacts.

For example, your latest podcast, add the link to your signature line, include a few sentences about the media and counter and save your changes it’s a great idea to mix it up every month include a link to a new article or podcast interview.

Use in Emails to Potential Clients

Using your media encounters in your emails to potential clients is an excellent way to showcase your expertise, gain recognition as the go-to person in your industry and give the client an opportunity to hear you in a different format.

You can say in closing:

…by the way, here’s the link to my latest interview or article thought I would attach it since I cover a lot of the issues that your company and counters hope you enjoy. 

It’s also a great way to follow up with a client to see if they’ve had an opportunity to read or listen to your interview.

For Potential Speaking Engagements

If you are applying to speak at different events, if there’s an opportunity for you to post any other information, always post a link to a media interview preferably video or audio. Event planners want to hire you need to hear your voice and see you as well.  Again, this only will build more credibility and will work in your favor during the selection process.

If they reach out to you after you have filled out all of the appropriate paperwork and they’re interested in talking with you further, include a different one perhaps an article or the latest interview that you’ve done.

You could say in your email:

…by the way here’s the latest interview where article that I wrote where I talk about the exact same things that I would include in my keynote speech.  This will give you an idea of what type of content I can deliver, I hope you enjoy.

Hold Music, Use Podcast Recording Instead

For those of you that have a dedicated phone system in your office and utilize hold music, replacing your hold music with one of your podcast interviews is a great alternative. It should be easy to do – just get with your phone representative and let them know what you’d like to do. This way, when clients and potential clients are on hold they are reminded of your expert status.

Leveraging good PR and publicity from your media interviews is a great way to demonstrate your personal expertise and help move along the sales process for your business.

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