Effective Tips for Ranking Your YouTube Videos High

Short and sweet tips on how to rank your videos higher with YouTube. Micheal list 6 tips to help you rank your videos higher with the search engines. All of them are excellentt suggestions.

Effective Tips for Ranking Your YouTube Videos High

If you use videos to promote your business (and you absolutely should be), YouTube is going to be your #1 place for uploading them (though it shouldn’t be the only place). Just tossing your video up on this site, however, isn’t enough to get it seen. Just like SEO can help you to rank your websites well in search engines, it must be considered when posting videos as well.

Recent case studies were reviewed to look at how to best rank YouTube videos and get the most possible views. You can click HERE to get all the detailed information that was used, but here is a quick overview of what the studies found, and how you can put it to work right away.

  • Keep Them Short – Unless there is a compelling reason to make a long video, marketing videos should be kept at three minutes or less.
  • Quality Over Quantity – It is better to make one very high quality video than ten low quality options. Not only will they rank better, but potential customers will actually want to come back to view what you provide in the future.
  • Name Your Video Right – Put a lot of thought into the headline of your video. This will be used to determine what searches you rank for, and will also help encourage people to click to watch your video.
  • Proper Descriptions – Like the title of the video, the description needs to be accurate and include the right phrases. This will help ‘tell’ YouTube what to rank you for.
  • Thumbnail – Letting YouTube auto-select the thumbnail of the video is a big mistake. Take some time and find a good, high-res image for your thumbnail to help it get more clicks, and rank better.
  • Consider Paid Promotion – If you really want to push views to your video, consider using paid advertisements. Not only will this get you immediate views, but it can also result in additional sharing, which can boost where the video shows up in the YouTube search results.

These are just some of the great tips provided on how to improve rankings and views on your videos. When done properly, you can generate a significant amount of traffic to your site and build a loyal customer base.

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