15 Online Businesses You Can Start Today Without Any Investment

We like to help our readers with ideas on what they can do for an online business. Uwe Dreissigacker lists 15 ideas that you can review. Some of which may work with your current business.

Application development is one of those ideas. Can you create a mini-application you can give or sell to your customers? You do not have to build it, you can outsource that task. Everyone with a smartphone has applications on it. Is there some way you can create one to help promote your business?

Blogging is another great idea that you can incorporate into your current business. Just look at the blogs you read every week. Could you create one that would benefit your customers?

While reading Uwe’s article, consider how these ideas could be adapted to your business or business idea.

15 Online Businesses You Can Start Today Without Any Investment

You would be surprised some of the simple business ideas that can bring in a decent sized paycheck. If you have access to the internet, you have the ability to make money even from your own home.

Depending on your qualifications, the possibilities may vary. Nonetheless, a little ingenuity can go a long way in today’s internet age.

Keep in mind, some of these ideas may or may not work for you. Some ideas will require certain educational requirements, so see what you are interested in and what meets yours qualifications.

1. App development

You can create apps or help develop them at home or anywhere, all you need is your trusty computer. If you don’t know how to program, well you have the largest library of knowledge ever – the internet. If you have time, learn to program. It might come in handy for more than just an app development job. If you are looking for a place to start programming, give Code Academy a try.

2. Advertising campaign developer

If you are one of those creative types, this might be something you could really do well. Help your clients create impressive marketing content to attract customers.

3. Blogging

Blogging can become a very good source of income if you find a niche that works for you and your reader. It could take some time to ramp up the readership, but overtime it will become a profitable venture. Write something you’re passionate about, and the content will put itself on the page.

4. Transcribing – turning video and audio into text

Some companies are always on a lookout for good transcribers. If you are a good listener and pay attention to details this might could work really well for you. You don’t need any financial investment, just your own time and you should be all set.

5. Translating

Are you proficient in multiple languages? Multilingual people are always useful in this globalized world we now find ourselves in. Offer your language skills to anyone that may need translations. You can even do it in the comfort of your own home. Translate documents, videos, voice recordings – the possibilities are endless.

6. Finance consulting

If you have experience in finance and accounting, and preferably a business degree you could offer financial consultation. Of course, when it comes to people’s finances, you need to be reliable. Provide your accolades to prove you are a reliable source of information for your clientele.

7. Resume writing

People can be lazy and may not even want to lift a finger when writing their own CV. Others may just never had the chance to do it before. Resume writing can be a lucrative business and it’s not too time consuming.

8. E-Book Writing

Share the wealth of knowledge you may possess with the world. Don’t have to deal with pesky publishers to get yourself out there for everyone to see. Use your computer and write guides or books online. Publish immediately. It might take a little bit of time to acquire a large audience, but stay committed and you will get some nice revenue. By creating great content for your ebooks you can also grow your personal blog and website.

9. Graphic design services

Always in high demand. Let your creative side flourish and make money while doing it. No need to invest money into this business, at least in the beginning. Establish a positive report with your clients and you will have a successful business. Photoshop, InDesign and other software skills will come in handy.

10. Market research

Many companies before starting a business have to undertake this step – market research. Companies may choose to outsource it. Here is where you come in. Put your skills to use, do vital research for up and coming companies and get paid. Be thorough and your clients will spread the word of your great service.

11. Virtual assistant

Nowadays, you don’t even need to be in the same place to help people out. You can offer assistance services virtually through the internet as a virtual assistant. There are plenty of tools available that will allow you to be an effective assistant to anyone, anywhere.

12. Social media management

If you use social media, and most of us do, then this might be another viable option for your business. 81% of the US population has at least 1 social media account, and 88% of businesses use social media for marketing. Clearly, millions of people are utilizing social media to connect to the world. Not many have the time to connect effectively. See if you have what it takes to manage social media profiles.

13. YouTuber

Everyone has different opinions of YouTubers and vloggers. The fact is, there is money to be made there. Depending on your personality and your skill set, this may very well be one of those things that can bring in the dollars. There is a variety of things you can create videos of. Attract the right audience, and you will have the chance to monetize those views.

14. Tutoring

Math, guitar, drawing…If you have the skills, chances are there is someone out there trying to gain those same skills. Of course now you can reach out to people and tutor them even without stepping a foot out the door. You have access to all these communication tools at your disposal that will let you stay in contact with your client anywhere at any time. Post ads on the internet, let people know you have the skills to pay the bills.

15. Life coaching

Lend people an ear and offer advice and solutions that would help overcome their problems. You may know the right steps one should take to get back on the right track in life. Don’t be afraid to share the great insights that would help attain the right outlook for everything that life has to offer.

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