4 Proven Strategies for Retargeting to Hot Prospects

In simple terms, you must learn about retargeting your visitors to your websites. Once a person visits your site a little piece of code is put on their computer. This code allows you to send more ads that are similar to your original ad they viewed.

This feature allows you to attempt to sell this person once again. You have multiple options as to what they see and how often they see it. Perry Marshall is an expert in using Google and Facebook and how to retarget. We highly recommend you study some of Perry’s books on the subject. Perry lists 4 proven strategies for using retargeting.

4 Proven Strategies for Retargeting to Hot Prospects

The following are some proven strategies that work.

1. Try a different message

Remember, inside every audience, there are different people with different levels of awareness and intent, as well as different buyer personalities. There are the “I want the best” people, who are competitive and sometimes egotistical; the “I’m an impulse buyer” people, who purchase on a whim and the “I am a process-driven person” people, who are methodical, slow, structured, logic-based decision makers. And finally, there are the “I go with my gut” or “listen to my heart” people, who are slow, unstructured, humanistic, emotion-based decision-makers. The best way to deal with all these different personality types is to have different messaging and/or ad types hitting them with different angles and hooks.

2. Use testimonials

Testimonial videos (or image ads using screenshots) work great as an authentic way to provide more proof that your product can do what it claims. Plus, it may help your prospects believe they can also achieve a similar result. Be careful not to over-produce these types of videos, however. Sometimes, if it’s too perfect or polished, people may not trust them as much as a video that looks like it was shot on an iPhone.

Following is a list of questions to ask people if you want some testimonials that will sell the heck out of your products. Use these questions for gathering great stories for your main website and sales pages, too.

  1. What problem, challenge, pain or frustration were they looking to get help with before using your product/service?
  2. What were they worried, concerned or hesitant about your product before they pulled the trigger? (This will help overcome common objec­tions and give you more data around objections for your sales process.)
  3. What were their results? How is their life or lifestyle, business, etc. better now? (You’re looking for transformation stories here.)
  4. What did they like best about [your product]?
  5. Would they recommend [your product] to a friend? If so, how can it help them?

3. Buying incentive (discount, scarcity, etc.)

Perhaps your prospect just needs a little nudge to get them to take action. One of the best ways to do this is to give them an incentive — a deal. This could be a bonus, a discount, an expiration, etc. For example, “Get a 40 percent discount if you purchase by tomorrow!” Or “Get a free tote bag with purchase of any performance gear! (Value $25. Hurry — offer ends soon!)”

4. Cross-sells or bundles

Another easy strategy, especially for ecommerce stores with multiple products, is to offer a cross-sell of a similar or complimentary product. Maybe you piqued their interest, but the item they were looking at wasn’t quite right. If you have other products, this may be the perfect time to make your prospects aware of them.

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