Why You Need More Than 1 Admin on Your Facebook Page Today

I found a great post on the importance of having more than 1 administration person on your Facebook page. The fact is, things can happen that means you lose access to your Facebook page. Or any other page or website you have. The idea of having more than one administration account is good.

Please read the post by Inspiretothrive.com all about the need to have multiple accounts. I am sure you will find it interesting.

Why You Need More Than 1 Admin on Your Facebook Page Today

If you manage a Facebook page you should really have more than 1 admin on your Facebook page.There are several reasons for this. If you don’t want to lose your Facebook page that you have built up over the years it is imperative to have more than 1 admin today.

I recently started managing a new Facebook page for an account and I was the only one as the admin. Then I started to use the Facebook Business Manager for pages and decided I did not like it. It was too confusing and not user friendly. (If you are going to use the Facebook Business Manager be sure you know how to use it! It can be very tricky.)

So I went to erase my Facebook page from the Facebook Business Manager for pages and then when I went back to manage my own Facebook pages it disappeared! Really? Yes much to my surprise I could not get back to that Facebook page. So please learn from my mistakes here once again.

5 Reasons Why You Need More Than 1 Admin on Your Facebook page

#1. If you have someone that works for you as your admin on your Facebook Page they could leave the company. If so you’d lose your Facebook page unless you have made 2 people as admins.

2. In case you accidentally delete yourself from the page – it’s gone. It will remain on Facebook live but you can’t update it.

3. Facebook Customer Service – Have you ever tried to reach someone at Facebook? Good luck! They do not offer any phone numbers. Ever try to email them? You get a standard answer to go to their support center. You can see the one I received after trying to contact them:

4. And if you transfer your page to their Business Manager Center and don’t like it – don’t try to go back. If you eliminate yourself there, you will lose your admin on Facebook page. I recently did this and was panicked for 2 days. Luckily the Facebook page was new, and I knew I could easily rebuild it. But wait, I knew who to ask. My great techie from Sri Lanka had the answer.  Thank you Mayura!

5. What if you got injured and could not access your Facebook page? Making sure you have someone else you can trust would be a plus. You never know what life may throw your way. Having someone else to manage your page in your absence is a great way to be prepared.

What Was The Answer?

As you can imagine, I began searching for the answer. I asked some top digital experts and Googled it. The answers from Google provided no way to do it. Thankfully I knew who to ask. Mayura knew the answer – he was able to figure it out 🙂

Go to your Facebook ads account and from there you can get your admin reinstate. Phew! But if I had another admin it would be have been easier. Of course, you do remember why you should use Facebook ads right? That was from my other post why you need to use Facebook ads today. The organic reach of just posting on your Facebook page is almost gone today. It is almost impossible to gain any traction with a Facebook page without any ads now.

Benefits to Having More Than 1 Admin on Your Facebook Page

The benefits for having more than 1 admin on your Facebook Pages are many: One is that you have someone else to help you out when you can’t be there to work your own page.The second benefit is having a second set of eyes on your stats and it sure is nice too as they can see things differently than you do. They may interpret things a little different and offer some suggestions you may have not thought of.

And lastly of course is if you ever delete yourself as the admin by accident. Having a 2nd person as a Facebook admin could assign you back again as an admin. And accidents do happen!

Have Trust With More Than 1 Admin on Your Facebook Page

Therefore be sure to fully trust who you decide to make as a 2nd admin for your Facebook page. You really must have 100% trust in them and that they have your own best interest at heart. There could be a lot of backlash if you did not have the right person for your Facebook admin role.

That person must be your most trusted friend, colleague or relative to manage your Facebook page in your absence. Many companies do get paid to do this for others out there. Be sure to stay involved with them throughout the process.

What Are The Different Roles for Facebook Pages Today?

Today there are  more roles than just admins for a Facebook page. You can see the chart below that explains how each one works. You may want to assign another team member or employee to a different role other than an admin.

Admin / Editor / Moderator / Advertiser / Analyst / Live Contributor – See the latest chart from Facebook on what each role plays in managing a Facebook Page today.

Note: The Facebook admin role really has full control of a page and has the ability to assign roles to others.  An analyst has the least amount of control with a page.

Consequently did you know if you create a Facebook page you automatically become an administrator for it?  That is something to think about if you are creating pages for others. You could create it and then assign them the admin role.

What Other Roles Should You Consider Using For Your Facebook Page?

If you want someone else to help with your page you could assign them as an editor. They can do everything but set roles for others and admins for the page.

Ultimately another role I would recommend for a team member is a live contributor. This would allow someone else to go live on your page to increase your organic reach. You can read more about how to do this from Ryan Biddulph’s contributor post on Facebook Live.

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