7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Video Marketing

We speak of the importance of using video regularly on this site. WWW.tgdaily.com give us 7 more reasons every small business needs to be focusing on this in 2018. You will be seeing more of it on this site in 2018

With it’s growing popularity, you only hurt your business if you do not learn how to use video for your marketing and promotion of your business. You can make videos about every aspect of your business. Your sales presentation, product demonstration, troubleshooting, Q&A or FAQs, and future product/service announcements.

Video is engaging and interesting and this is what your customer is looking for today.

7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Video Marketing

The ways of promoting and marketing content have changed drastically within a short period of time, thanks mostly to technology and marketing strategies implemented by companies to make use of various digital tools. With every passing second, internet giants are trying their best to make digital marketing a fair and open field where marketers can compete openly.

Content and blogging was once considered one of the primary means for content and digital marketing. They still are valuable, but video marketing is taking shape and becoming increasingly important. Video has become a very powerful tool for digital marketing with users across the globe preferring the textual content which is accompanied with videos. Let us have a look at some reasons why small businesses need video marketing.

1. Large and Continuous Growth

Video marketing results in a strong jump in sales due to conversion and most importantly, the growth is a continuous and sustained one rather than being a one-time bump. So, for small businesses, video marketing is an important aspect required for a successful digital marketing campaign.

2. More Clear Representation of The Product

Video gives a clearer representation of the product you are trying to promote. Words can only describe the product and one needs very good imagination to understand the product. The images can only show some features of the product but through videos, you can visualize and understand the functionality.

3. Better Emotional Connect with The Consumers

Video is something which people are expected to remember more often than other forms of content. As a result of this, a better emotional connection is established with the viewer – thus increasing conversion opportunity.

4. Higher Chances of Being Shared on The Social Media

Video increase your chances of being shared on social media significantly over traditional content – mostly because people are attracted and more engaged with video. Humorous video increases your chances of being shared at a higher rate. Even if sharing video does not convert into directs sales, creating engaging video increases brand awareness and leads to stronger opportunity for conversion. But most important is high quality video production. So, consider hiring a bay area video production company.

5. Very Good Conversion Rates

One of the most important things which matters in digital marketing is conversion rate and sales. Some statistical studies suggest that videos play an important role in boosting of conversion rates and sales. Embedding a video related to the product on your promotion page increases the rate of conversion by whooping 80%, which is a number worth grabbing attention. This is one of the many statistics which highlight the importance of video in marketing in current times.

Apart from this, another astonishing statistic related to video is that attaching an explainer video has led to 74% more sales in comparison to products where explainer video has not been used.

6. Sign of Trust Among Visitors

The introduction of digital marketing has resulted in presence of fake content merely intended to boost ranking or improve SEO. This can make it difficult for genuine marketers and brands to win the trust of prospects. However, video is acting as a filter here, separating most of the genuine content from the fake ones. As a result of this, conversions and sales are expected to increase. For small businesses, winning trust is very important. Therefore, video marketing is no longer a luxury for small businesses, it has become a requirement.

7. The Tool for Higher Ranking and Better SEO

Google has started rewarding websites which embed videos along with their content, as they are being ranked higher in comparison to the ones where there are no videos. Search traffic is still an important source of traffic and visitors for any website and the fact that Google is rewarding videos is a welcome change. Some of the studies suggest your chances of being ranked higher increases 53 times as a result of the addition of just one video. So, small businesses can get a significant boost through the use of video.

These are some of the reasons why video is a necessity for business and why you should start implementing a video marketing strategy today.

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