7 Tips for Getting More Sales Meetings With Prospects

Prospecting is the heartbeat of sales. Entreprenuer brings us 7 quick tips for helping you meet more prospects.

7 Tips for Getting More Sales Meetings With Prospects

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The concept is simple — more meetings equals more sales, which equals more income. Most salespeople understand the importance of setting meetings in order to crush their sales goals, but very few are doing the necessary work to make those meetings happen.

Setting meetings doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. A little proactive planning can go a long way. Check out these seven tips for setting more sales meetings with prospects. Pick one or two to focus over the next few weeks, and watch as you fill your schedule with meetings:

1. Use an organized prospecting campaign.

When it comes to prospecting and identifying cold leads, most salespeople are doing without any sort of plan in place. But when you just pick up the phone and randomly call prospects, you’re bound to hit a wall — and fast. Here’s the problem: If prospects have no idea who you are, they aren’t going to want to talk to you.

A sales prospecting campaign allows you to lay a foundation before you ever call a prospect. Map out an entire process with scheduled direct mailings, emails, event invitations and more. This targeted campaign prepares each prospect for your call, which will ultimately help you set more sales meetings than ever before.

2. Volunteer to speak.

Public speaking makes many people uncomfortable, but if you’re willing to face your fears, this is a great way to get in front of 70-200 ideal clients at the same time. When you speak, focus on sharing trends and challenges you’ve observed in the industry.

By the time you’re done, 70-200 new leads will suddenly view you as an expert with a lot of value to offer them. Just one speaking engagement can lead to tons of meetings with great prospects. That’s certainly worth a temporary case of pre-speech sweaty palms!

3. Ask for introductions.

Work smarter, not harder. Introductions are an opportunity to let someone else do the heavy lifting for you. Take 15 minutes a day to ask someone you know — a prospect, customer, friend or family member — to introduce you to someone in their network who may benefit from your product or service.

This simple habit will lead to five new introductions a week and 250 new introductions each year. Can you imagine how those 250 introductions could quickly lead to a calendar full of quality sales meetings?

4. Write articles.

If you can’t bring yourself to speak at a trade group meeting, try writing an article for a publication instead. As a salesperson, you have the unique opportunity to meet dozens or even hundreds of people across your industry. This gives you a bird’s eye view of what’s going on, and your perspective is extremely valuable.

Share what you know in an article, and trade publications — which are constantly looking for more content — will be happy to publish it. This helps establish you as an authoritative source, and prospects who spot your article will be much more interested in meeting with you to learn more.

5. Create and share special reports.

Many salespeople find it challenging to get from an initial phone call to a face-to-face sales meeting. Most of the time, it’s because they’re failing to provide anything of value to their prospects.

Your prospects are constantly wondering, “What’s in it for me?” Demonstrate the value you bring to the table by putting together a short report of trends you’ve observed in the industry. Share it with prospects, and watch how much more willing they are to meet with you when they realize what kind of value you have to offer.

6. Host your own event.

I’ve personally found this to be the most powerful strategy for growing my own business, so I host two private events every year. First, rent out a space in your city that feels exclusive and special. Next, prepare to offer something of value to attendees. You can share insights based on your unique perspective, and invite other speakers to do the same.

Finally, invite your top clients and encourage them to bring others who may find value in what you’ll share. Ask everyone in your network for introductions to people who may be interested. This is a great way to establish yourself as a helpful expert, meet new prospects, and fill your calendar with meetings.

7. Conduct a small study.

Although some scientific studies require years of research and thousands of samples, you actually don’t need very many people for a sociologically sound study. Send a survey to 20 clients, or simply ask the same few questions anytime you talk to a customer.

Record the responses and compile your data. Then, share what you learn with prospects. This is a unique and powerful way to offer value and boost your credibility. As a result, prospects will want to set up a meeting to learn more from you — and ultimately do business with you.

Which of these seven tips will you use to set more meetings and crush your sales goals? Don’t get overwhelmed by trying all of these at once, but pick one or two that stand out and get started today. Check out this free Ultimate 3-Step Prospecting Call Script Template for more powerful sales advice.

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