How to Use Storytelling to Sell Your Brand and Vision

Stories sell products and services. Today stories are told in video format along with podcasts and in writing. Using visual, audio and emotional stories to sell their products and services.

Bedros shares a method called Point, Story, Metaphor Formula to help you understand the importance of having a planned presentation.

How to Use Storytelling to Sell Your Brand and Vision

People remember how you make them feel, not the information you give them.

The reason why the Bible is the bestselling book every year is because it delivers its lessons as a series of stories. And if you don’t want to use the Bible as an example, pick any other world religion that has attracted millions of followers and has kept growing for centuries. They all deliver their lessons through stories.
People are hardwired to listen to stories and relate them to their own lives. Religions figured this out a long time ago, hence why they all use stories. Stories are simply the best possible way to transfer information into someone else’s mind and make it stick.

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