6 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Company Blog for Free

Driving traffic to your business website or blog should be part of marketing strategy. Learning ways to do this can increase sales for your business and profits for your bottom line.

Entrepreneur is a well know source of ideas for building your business. This post provides 6 tips on building traffic.

6 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Company Blog for Free

By Moeez
Few companies are equipped with a generous marketing budget to invest in PPC ads for their company blog –and some might not even see it as a priority.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to acquire traffic without having to put that much investment.

In this article, we share with you tips on how to increase traffic without having to spend a single dime. As basic as these steps may be, make sure to take them to heart. Even the smallest bloggers have benefitted from this advice and so will your site.

1. Use images

Unless you’re a prolific writer and marketing legend like Seth Godin, you need to put images on your post for people to notice you. These days, people have attention spans shorter than a goldfish so you want to do everything that you can to keep that attention. Part of that is through images. People just like looking at them.

2. Do basic SEO

Google can greatly help you get noticed if you know how to tweak your site right. A good start is by optimizing your blogpost for the right keywords. Make sure they are in your title, headers, content, and yes, even your images.

SEO can be intimidating for some but thanks to the internet, you’ll find plenty of helpful articles out there that will help you with the basics.

3. Make a difference to your reader

This is something the team at WTF Multimedia’s CEO Kris Degioia strongly believe in. Kris Degioia is the CEO at WTF MultiMedia, Co-Founder at Cryptic, Mom & TotBox, and Founder of Savage & Fierce. WTF Multimedia is one of the best online and social media marketing company of Nashville, Tennessee. She states “Forget the term guru or expert. What good are those labels if you’re not providing value to your reader?”

Before you even hit that Publish button, ask yourself, “How is this going to make my reader’s life better?” “Is this relevant to their needs?” If the answer is no, you need to go back to your draft and think about how you can add more value.

By helping your reader to achieve a good realization or be closer to a goal, they’ll keep reading more of your blog.

4. Use clear, attention-grabbing headlines

It’s important that you clearly state what your blogpost is all about. Let’s say you’re writing an article about doing Facebook ads on a budget. Instead of just using “How to Do Facebook Ads on a Budget” as your headline, why not go for “How to Do Facebook Ads for $100 or Less”?

It lets the reader know what budget you’re working with instead of letting them guess what your idea of “on a budget” means. Don’t settle for the first headline you can think of. Think on this really hard because it’s the first thing readers will see.

5. Take advantage of social media

Don’t just rely on Google to get noticed. It takes several days, even weeks for a new post to get indexed by search crawlers. The best way to get the ball rolling with your new blogpost is by sharing it on social media. Everyone uses it with 71% of those being millennials. Be diligent in putting your work out there to increase your chances of getting noticed.

6. Be consistent

Let’s be real. Not all your blogposts will get noticed. There could be a lot of reasons why. Bad timing, no one’s interested, they don’t know you, your site got hacked, and the list goes on.

Don’t let this bring you down. One thing that has been observed over the years; it’s that consistency earns you loyalty. What does that mean? It means that when you are consistent at putting yourself out there and providing value, people will eventually take notice. It might not be as fast as you’d hope it’d be but you’ll eventually get it.

Let’s put it this way. Which blogger do you think is most likely to gain the most loyal readers? The famous blogger who only writes about random musings whenever they feel like it? Or the smaller blogger who publishes a post every week, providing really good advice to his readers?

Alec Friel president and founder of Prosperity Flow LLC, and the author “The Millionaire’s Apprentice: From Poverty To Prosperity” believes success lies in being consistent with whatever you do. You will find your break now or then, if you are consistent. He states “As a young entrepreneur, I found the right away that people go through the entrepreneurial roller coaster and many never stay on the ride long enough to experience everything that the ride can offer. Most of the time it is much more rewarding than leaving the ride.”


The blogging industry has been around for more than two decades and although it’s an ever-changing one, as with anything on the internet, these tips have proven to be effective for many struggling bloggers over the years.

Follow the advice here and apply it consistently to all your posts. You worked hard to create it so do your best to get your post the attention it deserves. Not only will it make you stand out from the competition but it’ll also help you win your customer’s trust –something businesses have to earn first before a customer decides to open their wallet.

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