OMG! The Best Content Management Tools for Your Business Website – Ever!

We may not think it is worth the OMG! part but these are some great tools to help you manage your website and content you produce.

OMG! The Best Content Management Tools for Your Business Website – Ever!

Content marketing helps small businesses establish and maintain a brand identity, build brand loyalty, reach new audiences and ultimately generate leads. Though for many time-strapped small businesses, devoting sufficient time into content marketing can be challenging.

Fortunately, there is a host of tools to help small business manage content marketing more proficiently and successfully.

Best Content Marketing Tools

Take a look at the following eight best content marketing tools for your website.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Thinking of relevant, unique and engaging topics for blogs can be difficult. Thanks to HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generators, small businesses don’t have to waste time coming up with interesting blog subjects designed to engage with their audience and grow their brand.

Simply fill in the fields on HubSpot with relevant terms you’d like to write about, and the site will come up with a week’s worth of relevant blog post titles in seconds, for free!

Google Drive Research Tool

The Google Drive Research Tool is a great asset for those responsible for writing the content at your small business. When writing content in a Google Doc, rather than wasting time opening new tabs when carrying out the research for your article, simply select the icon on the Google Doc and you will access all the information from Google without having to leave your document and navigate away from your work.

Again, the Google Drive Research Tool is completely free to use.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Headlines are an imperative part of driving traffic to the content on your website and nurturing successful content marketing campaigns. If you’re getting stuck with creating eye-catching and engaging headlines, the CoScheduler Headline Analyzer could prove to be a godsend.

Simply enter your proposed headline into the Headline Analysis tool and CoSchedule will analyse its effectiveness within seconds, costing you nothing in the process.


Of course, it’s all very well having fabulous, engaging content on your site, but you really need to know how your content is performing to be able to make the necessary changes and tweaks. Webtrends’ tools include analytic scoring, to enable businesses to see the type of content which people are most interested in and how they interact with the content.


Alexa is another web analytics tool, which provides information about traffic data and global rankings for commercial websites, so you can gauge how effective the content on your website actually is. Alexa’s software helps small businesses find, reach and convert their audiences with content marketing that works. Alexa’s competitor analysis reveals actionable marketing techniques designed to help small business drive more traffic to their website.

Alexa offers a tiered payment structure, starting from $99 a month for the Basic model and $149 a month of the advanced package.

Buffer’s Social Media Scheduler

Distributing the content on your website to social media channels helps to generate greater interest in the content and ultimately grow your brand’s reach. Though distributing content is time-consuming, particularly for a small business juggling a multitude of tasks.

This is when using a social media scheduling tool like Buffer can be an invaluable way to manage social media content campaigns. Simply use the scheduler tool to schedule posts onto your social media channels at a time that is convenient for you to efficiently distribute your content to a wider audience as possible.

Buffer’s free package enables you to post to three social accounts. Its Pro package allows small businesses to post to eight accounts and costs $15. The small business package costs $99 and you can schedule content on to 25 social accounts in total.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools are great for small businesses wanting to carry out SEO and keyword research on their site. With the Webmaster Tools you can check important information about the content on your website, such as the number of indexed pages on the site. You can even use the tools to disavow bad inbound links on your site and submit your website to Google if you’re getting crawled and indexed.

You can create and maintain a Google-friendly website for your business using the Google Webmaster Tools for free.


Atlas is a great research tool to help finetune the content you are producing for your website. The site’s data centre is crammed with graphs, data visualizations and charts, enabling you to search for any keyword or topic to find fresh data to use for research on the content you are creating. You can sign up to Atlas for free.

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