73% Say They’ve Made Purchases as a Result of Viewing Marketing Content, Survey Says

We wondered just how valuable building a website is to our marketing campaigns. The folks at www.smallbiztrends.com have compiled some interesting statistics with regard to how valuable content is on your website.

73% Say They’ve Made Purchases as a Result of Viewing Marketing Content, Survey Says

Content marketing remains important for small businesses, a Clutch survey says. But that’s only when the content is useful and valuable.

2018 Content Marketing Statistics

According to the survey, 73% of respondents say they’ve made purchases as a result of viewing marketing content. Another 70% say they consider content marketing useful and valuable, which pushes them to further research the company and perhaps make a purchase.

For small business owners with a digital presence, the Clutch survey underscores why they should continue to focus on creating quality content their audience can find value in. Because the Clutch survey says they are more likely to purchase their products and services if they do.

The value of great content is further outlined in explained by Kane Jamison, founder of Content Harmony, a Seattle-based content marketing agency.

Jamison explains, “Not many people are going out on a daily basis and looking for something to buy. They’re looking to fix a problem. The importance of content marketing is making the right consumers aware of your brand so that when the intent is there, when they do have a problem that your solution can fix, you’ve given them enough value where they think of your brand first.”

Clutch carried out its survey with the participation of 384 employees made up of 85% full-time and 15% part-time workers. They were tasked with identifying the connection between the value they experience from content marketing and their actions as consumers after reading business-related content online over a one week period.

Goal of the Survey and Report

Grayson Kemper, Senior Content Developer and Marketer at Clutch says businesses can use the report to learn three approaches to producing content consumers will find value in to develop their intent and eventually make a purchase from your company.

The Three Approaches

Having the best content on your site will impact three factors which define the buying journey a consumer goes through. Clutch says these factors are value, intent, and action.

Produce content that directly addresses customer issues and preferences. This means know your audience/customers.

Demonstrate your expertise by answering your “core question.” Clearly identify what your expertise is and answer questions as an authority on the subject matter. Clutch says to choose one “core question” and create a content strategy supporting the topic.

Optimize your content to rank in search engines. Clutch recommends investing in SEO services so your business can compete for the top results for relevant search terms and queries. A whopping 87% say they find business content through search engines.

Key Findings

Overall, the survey finds content marketing can influence the behavior of consumers if it is done well and it delivers value.

Sixty-seven percent of the respondents said as much by indicating it is both useful and valuable. More than half or 55% also said they go on to research a company after they have consumed content marketing.

This is followed by 86% who said they have at one point made a purchase because of content marketing.

There is also a group, 33%, who believe content marketing is biased and unreliable. And it should not come as a surprise they are less likely to take action after they consume the content. Almost half or 49% will not research the benefits of a product or service from a brand nor revisit its site.

With 86% stating they confident in their ability to identify business content as content marketing, the key is not to insult the intelligence of your audience with pushy content.

According to Clutch, this means you have to be transparent, accurate and unique. Today’s audiences are more sophisticated, so take that into account when you post any type of content.

You can read the full Clutch report here.

Image: Clutch

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