How to Create Video Ad Funnels That Work

The folks at have some great ideas on developing a sales funnel using your videos.

With videos being viewed millions of times per day. Your business should be using this opportunity to make more sales. You can follow these tips to help build your sales funnels using your videos.

How to Create Video Ad Funnels That Work

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Thinking about creating more video ads? Wondering how to produce more effective social media video ads?

To explore how to create video ad funnels that work, I interview video ads expert Travis Chambers. His company, Chamber Media, specializes in creating scalable social video ads for clients such as Turkish Airlines, NordicTrack, and Yahoo.

Travis explains what goes into creating a successful top-of-funnel video. You’ll also learn how Travis targets video viewers with multiple video ad sequences.

Developing Effective Video Ad Funnels

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