This Is Why You Should try Quiz Marketing!

A great way to find out how your prospects or clients feel is by using Quizzes or Surveys to market to new prospects and to your current customers.

People love to be involved,. Take the next step to help your prospects or customers become more involved.

This Is Why You Should try Quiz Marketing!

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So, what should businesses do reach to their target customers?

Keeping up to date with the latest trends in Content Marketing is one of the best solutions that any business owner or marketer should focus on.

Interactive Content is one of the top five Content Marketing trends in 2018 that businesses should take advantage of in order to make their businesses’ content win the hearts of their customers. According to Ceres, 93% of marketers agree interactive content is effective in educating buyers.

How can you attract users to interact with your ‘interactive content’?

Interactive content allows users to personalize and participate in the content presented to them. By helping consumers see themselves in the brand’s experience, the technique offers the potential to deepen engagement and drive greater satisfaction.

There are countless ways for marketers to ‘pull’ users to interact with their brand. We listed below five effective ways and current 2018 trends in Interactive Content Marketing:

1. Questionnaires

Polls, Surveys and Quizzes are one of the basic forms of interactive content. Use them to test your audience’s knowledge or opinions on a relevant topic and then generate a shareable report card so they can compare their results with their friends.

Demand for interactive content has been increasing, but most content marketers should consider how they can create interactive questionnaires that hold an audience’s attention.

2. Contests

Contest or competitions are another great way to create an interactive marketing campaign, both have the potential to go viral and pull a lot of participants and new potential customers in.

Great contests have proven to tempt consumers and inspire engagement. Competitions not only attract public participation and interest but also help the brand building its ‘LoveMarks’. In addition, contests require some form of application, which is when marketers can collect valuable consumer data.

Whichit is an easy and effective way to create beautiful, fun contests in minutes that allows advertisers to collect information from customers in return for their participation in a competition. See the example.

3. Viral videos

Viewers love a good viral video – video content that is so entertaining they readily share it across their social network feeds. Hardly a week goes by that you aren’t shown a viral video from a friend, or are showing one to a friend yourself.

Sharing became a valued and premium metric, one very difficult to drive because it’s completely voluntary; the decision of an individual to share content can’t be bought. Other than ‘a purchase’, there’s no more intimate and influential metric than a social share.

These days, many brands use Viral Videos for their marketing campaigns. The brands currently doing it know how to tailor it to their overall business objectives have the people, budget and data to pull it off.

4. Live stream

Live Stream allows customers to directly interact with customers, by answering questions directly under the customers’ comments in real-time and even afterwards. This new form has emerged from the end of 2016 and will continue to explode in 2017.

5. KOL – key opinion leaders (influencer marketing)

According to a study by Dinesen, influencers can increase advertising campaigns’ ROI by 11x compared to the average. KOLs are the trend makers helping to educate the market, and they have many fans and followers. A brand can use KOLs through live stream campaigns, social posts or through PR articles in print and web publications.​​

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