The Review section is dedicated to providing reviews of software and programs that can help small business people with their sales and marketing efforts. We have a variety of places where you can get reviews on different software packages. Here are a few

  1. CNET  A generic site that has multiple software categories. It also has may free software packages that could be used by  your business. 
  2. PC Magazine A very good source to review when looking for software reviews 
  3. Alternativeto A great site to find software that can do similar jobs to the main stream software being offered.

Brett Rutecky

When dealing with unique little software packages that can help you use the internet more efficiently and and save you time and money. I follow Brett Rutecky and his review site. He tends to review software that he has a affiliate link to. This simply means he earns a commission from the sale of the software if you should purchase it.
This certainly doesn’t mean this is a good product. I have purchased and used a few of the programs Brett has reviewed.

Many times Brett offers bonus software packages. I have found some of those bonuses more valuable than the actual software I bought. The good news is, he is honest with his reviews and even though he can make a buck promoting it, he doesn’t always do that.

He works with some of the software programmers to help them fix issues and problems before the final release and this makes a better product for you to buy. Just another feature of dealing with Brett.

Here is the link to his site: