Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing is the life blood of many businesses. Large and small businesses can benefit from incorporating a direct mail program. Add to this a call center to follow up on your mailing and you have a winning product strategy.

A call center option is nice but can be expensive when first starting out. Running a test mailing and then you following up by phone is a better starting point. If calling people makes you nervous, just mailing a letter or postcard can also be a great way to test your product or service.

Direct mail has decades of past experience and has been proven to be very effective even in today’s Internet mad world. Implementing direct mail into your business is important and should be one of your first tests when beginning a marketing program.

You can combine direct mail with your website and email programs. This has proven to be very successful especially when introducing add-on sales and up-selling to high priced product with higher profit margins.

In this section you will learn about different options available to you for your business.