Direct Marketing Introduction

Direct Marketing:


Direct Marketing has been around for decades. Everyone knows the Sears Catalogs from the olden days. This is a prime example of Direct Marketing.

Sending a client a catalog of products they can order and then giving them multiple options on how to order, pure genius at the time, still is a prove method.

Convenience was a desire back then and still is today.

Customers love to buy and the more convenient you make it for them the easier it is for them to do this. Direct Marketing makes this happen every day.

From flyers and postcards in the mail to emails and websites you view on the Internet. Every day we are bombarded by some type of advertisement. We are becoming numb to advertising.

Just look in the mirror and ask yourself when was the last time you bought something and why did you buy it. Likely some type of ad helped convince you to make the purchase.

Learn from the Experts

There are many folks that claim to be experts but few come close to one man. Dan Kennedy is the Guru that thousands of business people go to for advice.

His main website GKIC is a treasure trove of information and you can access join FREE for the first 60 days and take it for a test drive.

I should warn you, if you take this test drive you may get hooked on his information and style of presenting it. Dan holds nothing back, he calls a spade a spade and tell his membership to their face what they are doing wrong. He then gives then a kick in the pants and heads them in the right direction.

Dan Kennedy is famous for his NO BS book series. His style of writing is like no other I have read. His experience is unmatched in this business. The connections you make by joining the GKIC will be used for years to come.

There are many different Direct Marketing techniques

In this section we will discuss 10 different types of Direct Marketing. You can try one or all of them over the next year.

Testing is something you will learn to do with all advertising. Testing different types of marketing will allow you to focus on the areas that work best for your business. The key is to keep trying even after a complete flop.

I can’t count the flops I have had in my business. I can tell you that I learned a little more after each flop. That is all you can hope for from testing and failing. You have learned that that method or at least that ad failed to get the results you wanted.

You need to find something that starts to work for you. Then tweak that ad just a little part to test the future results. By doing this you will narrow down your ads to ones that always work and can provide you with a steady income stream for years to come.

Once you find ads that work you can test further types of advertising to find more that work. Let’s review the different types of Direct Marketing that you can test.