Promotional Aids

Direct Market:

Promotional Aids:

Promotional aids come in all sizes and shapes. They can be small paper items or large items that can cost more money.

The idea behind a promotional item, is that it has a use that your customer can benefit from, for a long time after you give it to them. Your name and contact information remain in front of them every time they use it.

In its simplest form, this is what a promotional aid is. Something you can leave with your client, that continues to remind them about you and if possible your product or service.

Promotional Aid examples:

In today’s marketing world the more outrageous you can make the aid, and not offend any of your clients, the better. People need to be surprised, even a little shocked. It helps to have it somehow link to your product or service.


For a bank or mortgage firm– you can use a deposit bag or fridge magnet in the shape of dollars or a bank

For a car dealer: a magnet in the shape of a car or truck with discount information. Another twist is to make it a small toy truck or car with a website address emblazoned on it and a message if possible.

For a restaurant: A paper plate with the ad or offer written on it. The theme on the bottom. Use them to make your offer offer you are making.

For a Cleaning service:  Send a small plastic garbage can and have your message rolled up inside it.

Be creative, think of something that you can give your prospective customer that makes them think you are more unique than your competitor. Don’t just leave a card or a simple brochure. Really brain storm your promotional aid or service and come up with some ideas for a promo that will make people remember you.

Source your promotional aid

Once you find your promotional aid you need to find someone that can supply it. It would be great if you can source it in your own area.

In some cases you will need to source the product and arrange to buy it from a source that may not be anywhere near you. China is a great place to source your products and one of the biggest sources in China these days is

This site is designed to help introduce you to companies in Asia that can meet your needs. They can make the product for you and ship right to your door. It can take 30 to 60 days so plan ahead for this delay. A great source for promotional aids

Another source, is simply to type the name of your product idea into Google, Bing or Yahoo. These search engines can help you find companies worldwide or in your back yard.  You want to be descriptive when typing into a search engine. The more you define what you are looking for the faster you normally find a source to buy it.

Type in Promotional Aid sales ideas, into your favorite search engine

This is a fast way to find your new promotional aid and to get moving on this idea quickly. You can simply type your product idea and see what pops up. Once you source a supply for your new promotional aid you can order a sample or two to see how well it is made or how well it works. This is highly recommended.

Be creative, custom design your promotional aid if possible

Depending on your product or service you can custom build your promotional aid and then either personally deliver it or use a courier to deliver it. If you offer a higher cost product or service you can be very creative in designing your package. Courier it to your customer if your product or service can support the cost.

You can offer to have it delivered in a special case or by courier. Everyone likes to get a courier package, even executives. If you charge a higher rate or your product is in a high price range then try designing a creative package that will grab your prospects attention.

Make your Aid exciting and interesting

The more interesting or exciting you make your freebie the better chance you have of making your prospect contact you or buy your product or service. People love to be entertained, you need to do this with your product or service. Try to build a story around the promotional aid that you can incorporate into your sales presentation or copy.

Don’t just hand them a card, give them a memory

Sit down and spend some time writing out ideas. What could you use to give away and to make your offer known to your customer.

Then figure out a great way to deliver it to them. In person, by first class mail or courier or a special delivery, if the budget permits.

Have it delivered at their work place if appropriate. This gets the attention of those immediately surrounding your prospect. You may not make a sale to your initial prospect but this could give you the opportunity to sell someone else.

Consider all options no matter how outrageous. Write them all down

You can make some great memories and sales with an outrageous promotional aid. Do not discount this idea. Outrageous acts makes you stand out from the crowd and people remember unique experiences much more than a mundane or boring key chain or business card.

We seldom keep a simple brochure, we know where they end up. Take a chance, right now sit down and brainstorm 5 possible items you can use for a promotional aids and as freebies to give to your clients or customer. Now type them into Google and see if you can source them as promotional aids.