Internet Marketing:


This is a word many of you may have never heard of. These software programs are designed to deliver your email messages to your customers for days, weeks and months after they first contact you.

You write your e-mail once and then enter that message into a specific day and time. On that date and at that time, your message is sent to your prospect or customer. You automatically deliver a new sales message to them without you having to manually do anything. In fact, you can be sleeping while this process takes place.

You build your campaign, write your emails and set the time and date you want them to go out. Once set up the autoresponder takes care of the rest.

You can link your Autoresponder to your website or to a sales page

Once you set up a website you can run little ads or banner on your site or with other websites and search engines. When a client clicks on that banner or ad they are sent to a specific page on your website or someone else’s website.

They are then informed and sold on the fact that they want more information and will exchange their email and other contact information in return for this extra information.

Once they give their email address and hit the send button the software takes over. It firsts adds that email and other contact information to your prospect list and stores the email and details of the campaign to the Autoresponder.

Then it starts a series of emails that will be sent to the email address over a specific period of time. Each email will attempt to sell your prospect on your products or services or provide more valuable information to them. This can help build your brand with that individual customer. You write out all the emails upfront and the system delivers them until you tell it to stop doing so.

Autoresponders do the work of an assistant

This software makes your life and marketing easy. It builds the all-important list of prospect or customers. It takes care of marketing to them immediately and over the long term. It needs to be set up once and then you can move on to the next task.

You can edit your messages and change them as quick as you can type an email. You can add and delete emails from each campaign with a click of a button. Updating them is easy to do along with starting and stopping the emails from being delivered. It is a great way to do follow up in today modern world.

Add in some direct mail with postcards or sales letters and you can build a great list of customers that can make you sales form years to come.

Autoresponders help test new products and services

Since you can write whatever you want in your follow up email you can use it for many services. You can develop new products and services to sell to your customers and then test the idea using a series of emails. You can use them to send a series of value added emails that build your brand with your new customers.

Best of all, you can combine both adding value and selling more of your products and services into a complete program.

A simple software that does so much

I really don’t need to talk more on this subject. Go to the resource page and investigate the top 3 I recommend. You need to have this software to really make your marketing systems work. Follow up is critical to any sales program and this one can be set up once and can then work for years afterward. It is a critical feature of Internet marketing and you must learn how to use it and master it.

I guarantee it will help build your business. This advance has been one of the best tools invented for anyone marketing on the internet.