Banner Ads

Internet Marketing:

Banner Ads:

Banner Ads are small ads that you see on the side of most websites or in a small space across the top of sections on different websites.

They normally advertise a product or service that is closely related to the subject matter on the website. This allows the advertiser to sell to the same audience that the website is selling to. In return for this space the website owner receives rent in the form of payment for every time someone clicks on that ad.

The payment can be based on a flat fee or the number of times an ad is clicked, or on a share of the future sales made with the Banner ads. It is easier to charge a flat fee, as monitoring sales or clicks takes extra time and effort. It also adds to the cost of managing banner advertising.

Banner ads come in a variety of sizes

Placed on the main or index pages or on pages throughout the website. They can be color or black and white and can be basic text or pictures and videos.

Banner ads are normally sold by the number of impressions shown to folks cruising or surfing that website. You end up paying for every 1000 impressions/showings.

Your ads are short and sweet and need to get the reader to take immediate action. You get only a single second or two to convince the reader to click on your banner ad. If they fail to act you can only hope that your ad may be seen by them again in the future.

Use a Free gift or Free report or e-book to help convince the reader to click on your ad. The more valuable your free gift or book is the better chance you have to get people to click on your ads.

You can offer banner space on your own websites or you can advertise your business on other peoples sites

There are two ways to profit from banner ads. You can use them to  promote your business to the internet or you can build banner ads on your website and use it to increase your profits.

Allowing ads on your site can drive another traffic stream to your business. You can be paid in a number of ways but normally you are paid by the number of times the ads are shown on your website. To increase this income you need to have lots of people visiting your website. The more traffic you have to your site the more value you offer to advertisers.

The second method you can use is to use the same banner ads to advertise your business on non-competitor websites. You can contact the website owner yourself or their ad agency and find out if they will allow your ads to be shown on their websites.

Their are agencies that can help you find opportunities, check our resource sections for more information.

It’s critical to have a great Lead Magnet

You will hear the word Lead Magnet a lot when dealing with internet marketing. A lead magnet is something that you are willing to give to your prospect in return for them giving you their contact information.

The goal is to get their contact information. Aim for their e-mail address but if possible get their name and home address. Once you have their contact information you can now continue to contact them for days and weeks, or at least until they opt out of your email follow up.

The more valuable your lead magnet has the better your chance of securing the contact information of your new prospect.

A simple goal, but you need to create a great Lead magnet to make it work. A great question to ask would be “ Is this lead magnet something that I would want if I saw it on a website?” If you can honestly answer “Yes” to that question then you likely have a winner.

A good lead magnet is a free book or report. A sample of your product or service or a discount off the purchase price. The trick is to make it very valuable. Do not be afraid to give away good information that can help your brand. The more value you can provide the better your chance of getting a new customer.

Banner Ads are low cost advertising

The per-impression cost is low and if you focus on your target market for your advertising you can get a great Return on Investment (R.O.I).

You need to find out where your prospect hangs out on the internet. Find websites that they all like to visit. Find out Blogs or any other Social sites that your prospects hang out in.

These are the target sites you want to try and buy advertising banners on. In some cases you will be able to do this at a reasonable cost. This depends on the popularity of your target market.

The more you can define your prospects within your target market the better your return on your advertising dollars will be. You need to drill down to your specific target customer. Define what makes your perfect customer, their age, sex, education, status in life anything you can use to better figure out what your perfect customer looks like.

Then try to find out where they like to hang out when on the internet. This is easy to find out, just ask them. Send out an email that asks them to complete a short survey. Offer a discount or a free gift for completing the survey. You can even use this contact for introducing a new product or service. A combination that can work very well in marketing these days.

Test your banner ads

Testing is a common theme you will read while on this website. Testing is the main task that we try to drill into your mindset. Having a great product or service is good but unless you can get folks to try your products or services there is little chance you can ever make them a customer.

You need to test your ads. The title, the headline, the graphics or images and the body of the ad. Every component of your ad can be tested. In fact you can test different ads altogether.

First try to find a couple ads that pull response. Then you can start to test each component until you find one that pulls in the best results.

This ad then becomes your “Control Ad”. It means this ad is now the one you will test all future ads against. Once another ad or version of your ad begins to pull in better results, that ad becomes the new “Control” ad.

Never stop testing your ads.

You can continue to use your best pulling ads, but always have some type of ad running so that you are constantly testing your “Control Ad”.

Your advertising should be paying for itself and providing a reasonable profit. Banner Ads can be a very valuable asset to your marketing campaign. you can use them to  build your customer base or you can use them to earn more income for your business. Learn to benefit from both options.