Email Marketing

Internet Marketing:


One of the first marketing methods on the internet was email. It has grown in the years since the Internet began.

E-mails can be written once then can be set up in an Autoresponder and then used over and over again. It allows you to edit and change the message. Testing what works best to earn the best return on investment (R.O.I)

E-mail allows your messages to be sent over a targeted period of time to a specific audience

In the beginning, you would send an email for simple tasks like thank you’s and instructions. Now we use Autoresponders and other systems built to deliver a sequence of emails over a period of time specified by the advertiser or you and your business.

You can write your email once and then deliver it for years to any and all new prospects

You write the e-mail message; then chose the date and time you want it delivered. The system then does exactly that, it delivers that message to every e-mail on the list you provide. You can use multiple lists to ensure the right message is being delivered to that list.

You do not want to send the same series of messages to all your clients over and over. Once a prospect becomes a customer you want them on a different list. You can add them to a email list that has more offers being sent to them. When building these autoresponders, remember to add lots of valuable content to your emails. Send two or three content emails between each sales email.

Using the above formula makes your customers look forward to your emails. They may share these emails with friends and family because of the content you are sharing with them.

You can connect this system to your website and sales pages or Landing pages

You can build small ads on your website. Once clicked, take you to a different page on your website or a separate sales page or Landing page. You use this page to sell the product or service that you offer. You can also use it to sell the FREE product or service that you want to give them so they will give you their email or full contact information.

Landing pages and Sales pages are similar

These pages help to convince your prospect to take another step to dealing with you. The first contact has one goal, get their contact information. Landing pages and Sales pages do similar jobs. Landing pages tend to be short and too the point. Sales pages can be anywhere from 1 page to 50 or longer. The length of the sales pages depends on what you are trying to sell.

Customers that are interested in your product or service will read long sales letters if you make what they are reading is interesting and continues to grab their attention.

With today’s technology, you can build these pages quickly. They can be long or short, you decide. The decision is yours and after testing the sales or landing pages over a period you will learn what works and what doesn’t.

Get your prospects contact information and then begin the relationship building process

Once you have their e-mail address you can begin sending them a series of messages. Once they get your FREE product or sample, they get a thank you message. That message is followed up with an offer for more information or another add-on product or service.

You follow that up with a proven method of offering more free information and then a soft sell of one of your products or services. You repeat this process over a period of time at your discretion.

Email allows you to present your sales message to cold, warm or hot prospects

With e-mail, you can send your message to every type of prospect you deal with. You can write a message for each stage of your sales presentation. You can save this message and then use it again and again. You edit it over and over until you find one that works the best.

Then you test all new ads against that. We call that a “CONTROL” Ad. This is the ad that all future test will be run against. You change the CONTROL ad only when you have proof that the new ad has proven to get better results over a period of time. Not just once but after a few tries. You can run both ads, your Control ad and the one that produces the same or better results. Having a couple Control ads allows you to change up your advertising to keep it “Fresh”.

Email can be designed to be very simple text messages or a visual experience

You can write a simple paragraph or you can add images and links to your website or other websites. You can link to your sales and landing pages to other websites. You can embed videos into your emails to make them more interesting.

You have full control of what and how you want to design your email messages. My messages for my free books include images and text and live links on each message. I constantly try to offer great advice on getting a mortgage or building your credit. My follow up messages have an image and more detailed free information.

It takes time to build and write your messages but once done they can work for a long period.

You write it once and then use it over and over again. You edit it over time and test it against other emails over the years until you find a great e-mail that has a great return on investment.

If you have a computer, then you know what an email is

May of use are constantly deleting messages every day and trying to get off the email lists but this is simple proof of how well this method works. Email marketing is not complicated. The trick is to stand out from the crowd. Offer great value on a regular basis and your customers will look forward to your emails.

You need to ensure people want your message and look forward to getting it.

How do you do this, you give them useful information that they can apply immediately to help their situation or improve their life. Every message you send needs to live up to this standard.

Ask yourself “is this message giving my client good advice”? The more value you add to your e-mail messages the more folks will continue to allow you to email them. Everyone likes to get a tip or a hint that can save them time, money and pain.

Teach them something new or unique with each message

You can teach them something new with each message. Then you can make a sales pitch for your service or product. Trying to do both in each message. Make the free information lead into one of your products or services. Then make them an offer to get further information.

Emails cost little to produce and write but can make you rich

I know it sounds cliché but seriously, they can do this if you build and test them. Now how you and I define rich may differ but they can still make you a nice profit. Once written and built the cost of production is zero.

If the ROI is good, that message becomes your printing press for profits and future sales. You want to learn all you can about mastering this very useful and tactical tool.

Fortunes are made using emails and this is a fact. The largest companies in the world use email every day in many ways. If they do it why would you not?