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List Marketing:

Now things start to get interesting. We all need a list of contacts to market to. Either their full address or just their e-mail addresses, you need to have a list.

This list of contact information becomes your property. You can continue to market to them for months or years to come. This doesn’t mean you send them something that has nothing to do with what they originally contacted you for. You need to be careful to only send ads to them based on what they were inquiring about with their initial contact.

You can introduce other products or services that work with your initial offer to test your List. You can up-sell your list with other offers that you have.

A good list is like a printing press

If you are careful to maintain and clean your lists on a regular basis, they will make you profit for years to come. You set a goal to only send them relevant and valuable information on your products and services and you can build relationships that last for years.

There are many good software programs that you can use to build your lists and you can find them in the resource section. Autoresponders are the best method to build and service your email lists. Spreadsheet software like Excel are great ways to save full addresses and contact information.

There are some great CRM software programs to track your customers. These programs can track every detail of your customer. Who they are, where they are, what they buy, when they bought and how much they spend with you each year. This is a must with your business.

When you can deliver a product to your customer’s home or office, gathering that information is critical. Using software that can track all this information for you makes it easy to sell to them in the future.

Every customer that makes a purchase from you should be entered into two lists:

  1. Your email lists using your autoresponders
  2. Your full contact information and sales data on any customers that are buying your products.

Add to your list as much as possible using different ad campaigns

Each time you design and implement a campaign you can add to your lists. Using multiple campaigns allows you to test the results of each campaign while building the main list. You can build smaller lists based on numerous factors such as paying customers, prospects, clients that bought certain products or service. You can then niche them down to what country, state or province they live in. How much they spend with you, how often they buy.

Over time you can build lists of thousands of names depending on your product or service. This provides you an excellent base for all future advertising campaigns. You can gather lots of information on your customers, when doing so, make sure you keep all this data for future reference. Your list is your most important assets. The loss of this list is catastrophic.

When building, a list make backups of all your files. Hard copies and digital copies. Make sure you always have a external hard drive with a copy of your list. Print off or export your email lists form your autoresponders and other software. Make this a weekly task. Most software will have a feature for making back ups. From the first name, you add, make sure you back up your customer files regularly.

A good list can make you money in a number of ways

You can use the list to sell your own products and services. You can use the list to sell non-competing offers. You can rent your list to other marketers, I don’t recommend this unless the product they are offering is related to your initial product you sold or gave them. You can swap your list for their list so you can advertise to their customers as well.

You can outright sell your list as an asset of your business. You likely will not want to do that at this stage, but a well-maintained list will become the foundation of your business. The larger you make it, the more you insulate your business from future recessions and slow periods.

A well-maintained client list will provide for your business for years to come. You can continue to market to it for years. It is just like a printing press that prints money each time you send a message to it.

Maintain the integrity of the messages you send to this list and it will service you well. Do not let the lure of fast cash allow you to sell or rent the list to someone that may ruin all your good work. Protect your list and it will reward you.

 You can have multiple lists and multiple printing presses

You will always have multiple lists, prospect list and customer lists. You can have lists on different types of prospects and on different types of customers.

You want to have a separate list for all your different products and services. You need to be able to distinguish what each list is for. If a new client or long term client. Did they buy once or multiple times? Are they male or female and what age bracket, 20 -30, 30 to 40 etc?

The more defined your list is the easier it is to find products and services to market to that list.

 A list of past buyers is money in the bank

Anyone that has made a purchase in the last 12 months with you is a premium client and should be on a separate list. You can have the same client on multiple lists but this is a premium list and you need to massage it and take good care of it.

Never abuse this list by sending bad offers or marketing campaigns to this premium list. Only send them your best offers, no garbage. If you treat these customers well, they will provide you an endless stream of profits.

How do you build a list if you don’t have one now?

The fastest way is to offer your customer something that they would find valuable, and give it to them FREE. Yes, FREE, you want to build a long-term relationship with this person so you need to prove the value that you can offer them in the future.

A free report or sample builds instant trust

By you taking the first step to offer them great advice you have now placed them in a position or gratitude. Most people will feel obligated to return the favor or at least allow you the opportunity to communicate with them. This is your goal. Gather there contact information and build trust.

Create your free product

We all have some type of information that we can provide our customers and prospects that will be helpful to them. Right now, list the top 5 questions that your customers ask you. Now write the answers to these questions.

You just created your first report or white paper. This can become your Free product. Now you can package it up with some images and pictures and maybe some resources and further links to your website and other products.

You just made your FREE product and now you can give it an interesting name. Such as “The top 5 reason why… here you put what you do or the basis of the questions. Try “5 secrets that you must know before you buy… then list your product or service.

Give your report an exciting title. Test different titles and see which pulls the most response. Then use the information in this section to continue to expand your advertising.

If you have a service, you can build a top 3 or Top 10 list

Use this technique to create your first FREE product and then use that product to build your lists. You can run simple ads using direct mail or on the internet with ads on Google and Facebook along with other large web sites.

You will learn about using these sites in detail later in this section. You need to build your lists as they will become the foundation of your business. Use list marketing as the base of your business and then expand this base using every method you