Mobile Marketing

Internet Marketing:

Mobile Marketing:

There has been a large shift in internet advertising in the last few years. Smart phones have arrived and will be a big part of the future when you are looking at advertising on the internet.

Used properly you can learn to master this new technique and adapt it to help to promote your business. You can use this type of marketing to promote everything from the local business to worldwide brands.

In North America, there are millions of smart phones

A smart phone is any phone capable of accessing the Internet. Use your smart phone to use the internet to help you locate a place, person or thing. You can buy just about anything you can imagine while you wait at your doctor’s office or sit on a bus.

You can talk, text or video chat with your friends and family all over the world. All this for pennies on the dollar.

As a business, use these smart phones to sell your business. Focus your ads to promote your business in quick easy to read ads. This is a critical component when considering using Mobile Marketing. Your ads will have only a few seconds to grab the attention of the reader. Images with attention demanding headlines work best.

You need to capture the reader’s attention as fast as you can and get them to click on the ad. They go to your landing page with all the details of your offer. To get them to your sales pitch/landing page you need to grab their attention and you have only a couple seconds to do this.

Headlines with images will work best in most cases.

You need to test your headlines and your images. Test one item at a time. Change the headline but keep the picture. Try out a few headlines, then change the graphic or image and use the same headlines. Record all the results of each test carefully.

Run your tests for only a few days, a week at the most, depending on your budget. Before doing a week-long ad campaign, try a two or three day campaign and run at least 3 to 5 tests ads.

The one ad that sells the most becomes your “Control Ad” this is the ad you will continue to test other variations against. You do this until you find another ad that can beat the results of the “Control Ad”. The new ad then takes over as the leader until you find another winner. This process continues through the life of your business.

Testing is one area where many businesses fail. They find something that works well and make a decent profit. Then continue to flog that horse until the competition finds something better. They implement their new variation and “Eat your lunch”. You lose customers to the new guy and wonder why you did not think of this. The reason you failed to see the future is because you became content with your level of business and sales.

Never stop testing

With all methods of marketing you must always test. This holds true for Mobile marketing as well as sending a post card or email to your customers. Testing is the life blood of your business along with research and product or service development.

You need to be looking to the future as the business owner. What can be improved? What can you scrap to save money but not take away value? What can you add on to your product or service to enhance your customer’s experience?

Take time away from your business to brainstorm your future

I learned this technique from the best. Anthony Robbins and Zig Ziglar along with many other trainers and speakers. They teach you to take time for yourself and for your business. Go away for a business weekend with only you, not the family or your spouse or friends.

Use this time to focus on your current business and sales. Review the past sales and your business model. Then spend time finding ideas that can help increase your business and sales. There are few rules other than the simple rule that there are no “Bad ideas”. Write down everything you can think of even if it is weird and could never be implemented. Write it all down and expand on it a little so you understand how it came to you.

Take a break, have some fun and then review what you came up with. Add changes or improvements to what you came up with and then plan a schedule to test some of the ideas. You never know when one idea can be a game changer.

How does this apply to Mobile Marketing?

Very simply, it applies to all marketing methods but is really necessary when dealing with smart phone advertising. This type of advertising changes quickly so you need to have many ad ideas to test and work with. Brainstorming is a simple and tested method to develop ad ideas and you need to learn how to use it.

Using it regularly, it becomes easier to do this exercise as you master the technique. I tend to go to a cabin in the mountains where I do some of my best work. Now I look forward to these trips and plan them out in great detail.

These days many ideas come streaming into my mind on the drive up and back to home. I have learned to take a recorder with me. The recorder has now been replaced with my smart phone and a recording application on that phone. I can talk into it while I drive. Its great and I highly recommend it.

I also use an idea notebook. I am a bit old school, I find them easy to review. When I find an idea or business idea that I want to investigate further I create a file that I can further file for later review.

Mobile marketing changes almost daily

Every day new ads pop up on millions of people’s smart phones. Like all advertising, it must change in order to keep fresh and keep the interest of the readers.

Mobile ads are easy to test and allow for creativity. Since they are limited to how long they play it is easy to test multiple features over short periods of time. The key here is test all the time to find the winner’s. Then test against the winner or as it is called “the control ad”.

The trick is to always test against your Control ad

Now why do you want to do this? Simple, to ensure you are always trying to better your ROI, return on investment. The more you test, the better your chances of creating a winner or two.

If you have multiple ads that are all pulling in profit for you than, your business can only succeed. If testing is the cause of this success, then testing is your main goal.

Mobile advertising allows you to reach your prospect instantly and when they are actually looking for information on their smart phones. All you need to do is grab their attention and sell your business.