Search Engines

Internet Marketing:

Search Engines:

Search engines are the central point of the internet. They were created to help you find information by simply typing in what you are looking for. You can type in a simple word or a full sentence to describe what you are looking for. Today’s search engines are capable of understanding sentences and finding websites that match to your keyword search.

Keywords are the words you type into the search bar on any website. They are the words that you use to find the information or answers you are looking for. The search engines use these words to start your search and provide you with their results.

Over the years, they have been developed to refine this search capability. They are still keyword based but now they can recognize the sentence you are typing and provide even more defined results to all your searches.

This refined search capability allows marketers to pick our target prospect and then deliver a message that is customized to your prospect. You can define the specific features you are looking for in a prospect and then have these search engines place your ads in front of them.

The search engines allow you to focus

The sharper your focus, the easier it gets to make a sale and build a client. If you can place your ad in front of your preferred prospect there is a better chance that they will at the very least respond to your offers.

Search Engines target every type of prospect you can imagine

You can type in a simple word or a sequence of words and the search engine will find out how many times that sequence is written or mentioned on the Internet or within its parameters of that search engine.

The engine then lists these websites for you to review. Page after page of websites that match or come close to your keywords or sentences. The further down the pages you go, the less relative the keyword search will reveal.

This allows you to get a picture of just how big your market is. The more you define this search the more targeted your audience.

Once you know what your market is you can find out where they are

The search will provide you page after page of websites that are related to what your keyword is. You can then use Pay Per Click ads or buy banner ads on these sites to advertise your products and services directly to them. You can build your own website and offer products and services to the public based on your keywords.

Using the strategy of a Free report or e-book to get their contact information

By offering the person that clicks on your ads something that they can download for free or have shipped to them, you can exchange your product for their contact information. Once you have their contact information you can now market to them.

Search Engines work world wide

Search engines will search the world for answers to your questions. Your clients and customers can come from anywhere in the world. You want to be careful about how and what you advertise.

Some products can be seen as illegal or immoral in some countries you need to keep this in mind when using a search engines for marketing. You can decide exactly what countries you want your ads to run. Keep this in mind when dealing with your ads and where you place them.

The Big 3 Engines

There are 3 main search engines that you will work with:

Google: The biggest of them all

Bing: Microsoft version

Yahoo: They would be in second place behind Google

Most people tend to use one of these when dealing with a search engine.

Search Engines change their algorithms regularly

Search engines use algorithms to define how they will provide your results to your keywords. These algorithms change all the time to help the engine retain its users.

The search engines are heavily used by marketers, over the years the marketers have learned how the algorithms work and have learned how to manipulate them to their benefit. They design their advertising and websites to works best with the current algorithm update.

Over the years this has gotten very hard to do as Google and Yahoo have some of the world’s top people working just as hard to combat the marketers. They see what is happening and then ban sites and people that break the rules or attempt to do so.

Being banned can mean locking out your site altogether or simply putting it so far back in a search results page that no one will ever see it.  When this happens its time to find another place to advertise. Over the years this has become easier to do as some better platforms begin to surface. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube (even though it is owned by Google). New advertising platforms come and go. The ones mentioned here have been around a while and have a good footing on the internet. Testing should begin here when experimenting with internet marketing.

Get to know the big 3

Its time to play around and test the search engines. A great way to do so is to take a few keywords from your own product and service and search out what comes up on the first 5 to 10 pages.

Record the sites that have interesting information so you can go back later and research them some more. See how your competitors are selling their products and services. Research how they are marketing to your prospects and make sure you record the good ideas which you can adopt in the future.