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Video Marketing:

The upcoming shooting star in marketing on the Internet. Videos are everywhere and you can bet they are here to stay. The fact is, videos are watched more than TV these days. Everyday now billions of videos are viewed all over the world. This is a trend that will only grow as smartphones continue to expand their usage. Everyone has a smartphone now and this trend will grow even more as companies continue to try and provide the world with internet access.

Videos are the favorite method of viewing. This is not a surprise, everyone likes to watch a show or movie. Videos are short versions that people can watch while at work or play. This trend is in its infancy in 2017. I can’t imagine what things will look like in 10 years or 20 years down the road. All I know is if you have a business you need to know how to make this work for you.

Videos are mini commercials

Videos used to be made on expensive cameras and by professionals. These productions took time and money which made them unreachable for the average business person.

Today videos are downloaded to Facebook and You Tube by the millions each day. People use their smart phones to make videos on every conceivable idea you can think of. The quality is better than some shows i have watched on TV. This technology is getting better with every new smartphone mobile

Each day billions of these videos are shared on the Internet by the billions of internet users. Business people are just starting to learn how to use these videos to their benefit.

Today your video can go viral and be seen by millions

Videos can find their own audience and then are shared with others across the web. This sharing can happen very fast. The results can mean thousands if not hundreds of thousands of views can be done in just a few days. This process is called “going viral” the video takes on a life of its own and is shared by everyone.

As a business person, this means your video could possibly have this happen. Now the chances of this happening are not great unless you have a product or service where you think you can find a way to make a video that captures everyone’s attention.

Can you make your video funny, very interesting, controversial or entertaining is some way? If so, you have a chance to make it go viral.

How can you take advantage of videos?

Every business can make a video or two of what they do ore what they offer for sale. You just need to sit down and brainstorm some ideas on how you could make a video. Let’s start with some general ideas of what you can make a video of:

  • The actual sales presentation for your business
  • A video of how to use the service or product.
  • A video of Tips and tricks
  • A service or maintenance video
  • If possible you can make a video that shows multiple uses.
  • You can create a testimonial video from your past clients to help you sell
  • How can you make it funny or entertaining
  • Can you include children or animals, they always can make it touching or funny

Can you tweak it to make it entertaining?

The trick here is to brainstorm a way to make your video entertaining. Is there a way you can make folks laugh or entertain them? Can you make a video that brings out emotions of the viewer about your product?

It can take a lot of time to come up with an idea but if you hit on a winner it can be worth all the effort and time it takes to come up with an idea.

How can you make your video?

These days the average smart phone can provide a great quick option for making a video on the run. I have seen some done that look as good as a professional setting. You can learn to shoot your own videos by researching the subject on the internet or by visiting your local library.

Video cameras and a tripod can be bought for a few hundred dollars. The resource section can direct you to some great equipment we have used or are still using now. The software we use to edit and publish our videos are listed there as well.

There is massive amounts of information and training on how to shoot videos so don’t be afraid to spend an evening or two researching the subject. You can even outsource this work for you. Use Designcrowd or 99 Designs and set up a project you need done. Write out exactly what you need and even the script you want used. Then let possible outsourcers bid on the job. They can show you samples of their work and demos on your project. You then choose a winner and own the rights to whatever they create.

Just about every computer made today has video capability

The next step would be to use your desktop or Tablet to make your video. The computer already has a basic editing software built-in to your computer. All you need to do is practice with it a few times and you can be making your first video in days.

The built-in camera can provide the video and the software on the computer can provide basic editing features. There is also some great software program available to help build different types of video for you. Things like screen capture video, green screen videos, animated videos and regular in person videos.

A stand-alone video cameras can be bought for less than $500

You can pick up a regular High Definition video camera on Amazon for less than $500 now. These cameras have more capability then many Television cameras from only a decade ago. They record in high definition which greatly enhances the viewer’s enjoyment.

You can add a simple camera stand to stabilize your videos and limit the camera movement. Video cameras can take longer videos which allows you to make more takes and then edit them into a final product that you can use.

A good tip: Get a good microphone

Do you want to look professional? Then you need to have a good microphone. You can pick them up for less than $200 on Amazon. They can be plugged into your computer and into some Tablets.

They can be plugged into all video cameras to enhance the sound and to limit the back-ground noise. This is critical to help make your videos look like they are professional productions. Using a good camera and microphone can make or break your videos

Of course, you can hire a professional video company

If you have the money than having a professional make your video is even better. The budget is larger but the final production can be a worthy investment if your budget allows it.

You can outsource your video production needs for less

The internet has created a job center that no one imagined. People all over the world can communicate within seconds and in various formats. Best of all we can work on projects together from anywhere in the world.

We have all heard that call centers are now run from India and China and the Far East. The simple reason for this is economics. These companies can reduce the cost of having a call service center by using people in other countries to do the work and to answer their questions for their clients and customers.

This is called Outsourcing: Using people in other places to do your work. Outsourcing is a great way to have a video made especially when you don’t want to have to take the time to do it on your own.

In its simple form, Outsourcing is hiring someone to do your video

There are many different outsourcing websites that can help you. In the next chapter, you will learn more about outsourcing and some of the places you can check further to find someone who can make your next or first video.

Why use and Outsourcer?

The main reason is cost. You can normally find a qualified video producer for a lot less than a professional video production company.

You could end up working with someone on the other side of the world. This allows you to have the work done for a lot less than you would pay here in North America.

Videos are here to stay

You can’t look anywhere on the internet and not see videos. This is your proof of the growth of videos, its time you took a serious look at using them to help promote your business.