Websites are the storage place of your internet presence. Your website is the first place people will meet you. You want it to provide a great first impression. We all know the importance of a first impression. In today’s fast pace world, a great first impression is important.

A website is a great place to provide your product or service information. You can sell right off the website or use it to help sell your physical location or locations. The online shopping world is growing exponentially. Annual sales totaling in the billions of dollars. The good news is that this is just beginning.  Plenty of time to get in on the fun.

The first step is to get online. Plan your website and what you can offer to anyone that visits it:

  • Product details and information
  • Product pictures adn videos
  • Demos
  • Instructions
  • Membership abilities
  • full shopping cart capabilities to buy on line
  • Digital storage of files, customer lists, Client database management
  • Advertising opportunities
  • Interactive conversations with your customers
  • A place to build your own little world for your customers. You can build a fence around them, by offering everything they need in one spot. Even if that means partnering with compatible non competing companies

Use our Resource section to find companies that can help you build your website. Fiverr or Upwork can make building your new web presence easy. We have listed a few that can help you right out of the gate.

Websites are a low cost way to enter a worldwide market place. If your product or service can benefit from worldwide exposure then you need to be working on this now. Local presence in your own city, province, state or country is also growing in demand. Local advertising opportunities on search engines is low cost when you drill down to where your ads can be shown. The more specific you become, usually mean the less costly the ads.