Radio, TV, Newspaper Advertising

Media Buying:

Television, Radio and Newspapers:

Some of the largest media conglomerates in the world revolve around these three sources of media. They have been around for decades and in one case centuries.

The written word has sold more products and services than any other method of media that I can think of. I may not know the exact number, as I doubt anyone could give an accurate figure. I Really don’t feel I need to have an exact number to make my point.

All media use written words at some point in the presentation. In the wording of a newspaper, to the script of a video. The list of questions typed out for the radio announcer.

The written word sells everything from bird seed to website copy. The copywriters in our world have learned to master the art of persuasion using the craft of writing. These people are paid well for their skills and many have passed on that knowledge to others willing to learn the trade.

This is a critical skill you want to learn and study. You do not need to become a master of copy-writing but you must review the basics. There are some very important resources on our website that can help you learn and even master the art of copy-writing. Our affiliates our some of the top copywriters in the world.

Why do you need to master copy writing?

There are many reasons to want to master copy-writing:

  • Learn how to write copy that sells in all media formats
  • The skill can be sold to other businesses. To teach is to learn, to master is to prosper.
  • Your advertising will convert more prospects into paying customers or clients
  • Learning the skill teaches personal relation skills.
  • You will understand how the average prospect thinks and reacts to specific words and phrases.

Good copy sells both ads and advertising agencies

A well written ad can sell your business but can also sell your ads to a media agent or media service.

Media deals and contracts can be paid for in several ways. You can pay up front, over time and based on the results of an advertisement. This applies to all three of these media buying options.

A well written ad can convince your media choice to want to deal in a result based campaign. This saves you money upfront and can help fund further advertising campaigns.

Media buys happen from a single ad spot to multiple ad spots

Media buy deals normally encompass large dollars and consist of buying multiple ad spots over a period of time. The costs run into the $100 of thousands possibly millions depending on who you want to reach. The more you spend the better your discount.

In most cases, we will not be in a position to take advantage of these discounts but there are ways to get some kinds of discounts:

  • Advertising agencies can provide discounts based on a variety of deals. Normally reserved for the large companies with a large advertising budget. But they do provide discounts
  • Group Buying: This is where you participate with a group of advertisers and buy space or time together sharing the discount.
  • Participation ventures: You have such a good ad that the media source is willing to split some of the profits on future ads. These types of deals are available but you need to prove the sales first then remember to ask if it is available.

When you buy in bulk, ask for the discount

If you don’t ask, I guarantee you will never get. Not sure who started this phrase but it is valid in almost all situations.

I firmly believe that if you don’t ask you will never get. We are all sales people including the person you are talking to. I doubt most would happily admit to the fact that they are a sales person but we all are.

We sold or mates on spending their lives with us. We sell each other whenever we need something. It is built into out DNA to sell ourselves for every type of thing we need, love, respect, money and life itself. Every time you ask for something you are positioning yourself to look good to whoever you are talking to. This is the basis of selling, talking about a benefit you and they will achieve from your coming to agreement.

Asking is another way to negotiate, we all do it.

I have gone on long enough about asking just remember to do it. The worst that can happen is you get a NO, move on and try again another day.

You will never get any discount if you do not ask. Media buying is all about asking for a discount. Fail to do it and you will pay for the mistake.