Sales Training

Sales Training

If you own a business or want to own a business, selling is the first job you must learn to master. I have spent most of my adult life studying selling, prospecting, closing and follow-up methods and processes. I wish I could say I mastered any one of these areas. I have become efficient at all of them but never mastered any. I still read and study techniques to help me in my businesses every day. Drives my wife mad ha ha.

You need to develop the same attitude to your business. Selling is the most important job in any business and everyone needs to know how to do it. From the receptionist to the delivery person. Every staff member must be trained to help sell and promote your business. Your bottom line relies on it.

Each staff member must be trained on how to deal with your customers. You must breakdown your business into steps and procedures that you can train people to do. Write out these systems so that anyone joining your business can learn how to deal with your customers. Write out manuals with steps and with scripts they can use and practice.

The largest business in the world have mastered using systems

Any franchise in the world is designed around systems that have been tested and retested. All the mistakes and errors have been worked out of the systems and then packaged as a turn key business. Every step, from the financing to finding a location and building the business to the point it is making sales. When done right, the profits begin from the first day you open the door.

Franchises have mastered the idea of building systems and working out all the problems. This is the reason they cost so much. My last inquiry as to a McDonald’s franchise placed the value at over 1.5 million US dollars.

Business that implement systems in their business have a much better chance of serving than hap hazard attempts to run your business. Sure you can still hit on a winner when doing many things wrong. With all the information that is available to learn how to build your business, why would you attempt to do this without taking time to research the subject?

Learn how to sell

This section is all about selling. We refer you to some of the best sales training available. Study from these masters. The basics on how  to prospect, make a presentations, closing the sale and following up after the sale is made.

I have read about each step from some of the top people in this industry. My library is better than most book stores, anyone that knows me would agree. Some folks like to read fiction and disappear into a great story. I have always enjoyed studying business. All aspects of business, this is why this book/website exist. I have wanted to share this information for many years. The internet has provided me a platform to help thousands of people looking to build a business.

Helping others learn how to build a successful business is a great feeling. Teaching is a great feeling,  I have enjoyed helping people become mortgage brokers for over 18 years. Helping other types of business along the way and learning many new things from these same people. Teaching is very rewarding. Providing you with a map, makes me very happy. Use this information to help guide you down the road to your success.

Our resource section is full of further opportunities to master your craft. Refer back to this information whenever you need a little inspiration. The website will always be in a state of change. Our team will be looking for useful information we can share in many areas. We will introduce you to many services that can help you build your business. Use us as a resource center, participate in our events and become of student of business. Lets learn together.