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Closing is a critical point in your sales training. Most sales fall apart due to the lack of the salesperson attempting to close or attempting to close more than once. It is said the average sale takes at least 3 to 5 closing attempts. The average sales person barely attempts one.

Why? Well as a salesman myself, the biggest reason is fear of failure and of rejection. No one likes to be rejected. We all have a certain level of fear when it comes to trying to make a sale. Over the years, I have found confidence is a big factor in overcoming any fear. Knowing the worst-case outcome in advance and the steps to take to avoid it is important to your success.

In sales that means knowing all the objections and reasons for a customer to not do business with you today. When building your presentations, you must look for every objection or issue that a client or customer will think of to avoid buying your product or service.

Make a detailed list of each objection and how you can overcome it. Not only do you want to know how to answer an objection but you want to learn how to answer the objection then move in for another closing attempt. Training yourself to adapt quickly to any objection and learning how to move the presentation back to another closing attempt.

By building your presentation so that each objection leads to another attempt to close the deal you will learn to anticipate objections and even wait to hear them. When you face an objection, you know you have another opportunity to try and close the sale.

When writing, your presentation look for closing opportunities

The initial presentation, through the sales presentation, to the first closing attempt, always look for an opportunity to close.

Use “Trial” closes. These are just mini closing attempts to get the client to agree to certain aspects of your sales presentation. The more you get your client to agree with you and even participate with your presentation, the better your chance to close the sale and earn your money.

In my studies and throughout my careers in sales, the one person who is a legend in sales training is Zig Ziglar. Zig passed away a few years ago, now but left a legacy for sales people to follow for decades to come.  You owe it to yourself and your career to go to the SalesMarketingNetwork Amazon store, the library or a book store and pick up Secrets of Closing the Sale. In it you will learn some of the best closing techniques ever written.

All you need to do is learn how to adapt them to your product or service. This single book helped me to build confidence faster than any other training I have received. Buy this book its worth its weight in gold, diamonds and anything else you find of value. Just get it!

Trial closes build to the tipping point, now ask for the sale.

Asking for the sale or for your client to buy is a fearful point in your presentation. You need to practice doing this. Practice in front of a mirror, with your partner or spouse. Heck, with the dog it will sit and listen to you. Just keep practicing, it builds your confidence practicing your presentation aloud. You learn how to add your personality to the presentation. You learn how to close and how to handle objections. Practice makes perfect

Move through your sales presentation and your trial closes and then use the first close attempt. At this point you will begin getting objections. That is unless you have already covered some of them in your sales presentation.

Bringing some objections up during the presentation can help to eliminate some fears that your client or customer has in buying your product or services. Try to fit them into the sales presentation, build your trial closes around your answers for these initial objections.

The critical moment in your sales presentation

You have done a great job of making your presentation and answered some important questions and your client has been agreeable. Its time to close them and ask for the sale.

You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Give them options: and then have them decide on one of the options. Once they do, make the sale and complete the sale. You can sell more options, but make the first sale immediately.
  • Provide payment options: If your service or product is expensive break the price into smaller portions and allow a payment plan. Of course, you can charge more for offering this service.
  • Sell the main product and offer bonuses or upgrades for the main product. Have the client focus on which bonus they want. Once decided, the main sale is already done as you add it to the bonus you just sold.
  • Sell more than one unit, offer discounts for multiple units and focus on selling multiple units. You can always go back to just selling the single unit.

Zigs book will help you learn multiple ways to master doing this simple closing technique.

Objections will appear

You are already prepared for every objection your clients will come up with, and you have practiced how to answer them and then deflect them so that you can attempt another close.

You have mastered the sales presentation and the closing techniques through practice and study. Your confidence level is high. It will grow even higher with each presentation you make and each close you use that results in a new sale.

Your success is based on how much effort you put into mastering your sales presentation and closing techniques. Learn from the pros the legends of the sales game.

The list of legends:

Zig Ziglar

Tom Hopkins

Harvey McKay

Dan Kennedy

Brian Tracy

Jeffery Gitmor

Head to your nearest library or to the SalesMarketingNetwork Amazon library, today and pick up one or two of their books. I almost guarantee you will want to learn more after reading their material. Many of them now have full training available and you can access that through the links below:

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