Sales Training

Sales training is critical for your business. Learning how to sell your product or service is the most important task you can master. You need to master it fast or your profits will suffer. You can hire people to sell but your ability to sell your own product is critical for your future success. We have rounded up only a few of the top sales trainers and training companies. We will of course add to this list as we grow.

Dale Carnegie Training

I have been in sales since 1978. I have taken two Carnegie courses in my career. Each course was well worth the cost. This training is on a world class level and worth the investment. You should investigate this training for you and your staff.

Tom Hopkins International

Tom Hopkins is a world wide trainer and his system takes you step by step through the sales process. I was actually luck to win his full video cassette course. 25 Video tapes to watch and learn all his sales techniques. A very good trainer.

Zig Ziglar

Zig is my favorite sales trainer. His book on sales training and on being a sales person are a great read. Our SalesMarketingNetwork Amazon bookstore has all his books. Feel free to visit his website as well for more training option.

Jeffery Gitomer

I really enjoy Jeff’s books. Easy to read and carry around as they are smaller size. Very good, itemized sales techniques. Check out his books at SalesMarketingNetwork Amazon bookstore

Wilson Learning

I worked for Pitney Bowes Mailing Systems a long time ago. They sent me to Atlanta Georgia to train for two weeks. The course I took was the Wilson Learning program. A very good program which I appreciated having the ability to take at their expense. An international company offering top quality training.