Shopify stores, your eCommerce one stop shop

Setting up a store on the Internet is a tough task. Adding products and images to your store is one thing. Building it is totally another. We have one store on line and started the hard way, building it all ourselves. Shopify makes this task much easier. Excellent tutorials and help is avaialbe 24/7. Everything you need is in one spot.

When we built our store we did it from scratch. Using WordPress and plugins we  had multiple problems. eventually we rebuilt the store using Shopify. The process was simple, getting help was fast and being back up and running happened in less than 24 hours.

They have made their platform easy to use and have an OPEN platform that allows 100s of programmers to make their own little plugins similar to the way WordPress does. This well supported platform has made its way to the top of the the eCommerce business.

If you are planning on running and online store you can’t go wrong using Shopify. We liked it so much we became an affiliate. Please use our link to to help you get setup with your new store


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