Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances are simply fancy names for a business partnership. Two or more business join forces to share their customer base. They agree to market to each others customer list in exchange for commissions, profit sharing and expense sharing.

Since both companies complement each other and don’t directly compete against each other. They can benefit from offering each others products and services to their customers. Sharing in the cost to promote their product lines to each other.

Using these types of partnerships can increase both companies reputations and bottom line profits. Since both companies have a proven list of paying customers this can help boost profits. By joining forces you are offering more value to each others customer base. Finding a few partnerships you can do a partnership with is well worth the effort.

All you need to do if figure out who can benefit from your customer list. Then figure out what you can offer the company that has the people you want to sell to. Design a campaign that makes money for both companies. Pan out the details and sample ads you want to use. Build up a great sales presentation and package.

Make a list of companies to contact with your offer and make a phone call or send a letter or email. Reach out and find a partner or two and set up your own JV or SA.