Affiliate Pages

This resource center has a variety of firms listed under a few headings. We recommend you research any comp nay you want to work with.

Affiliate Networks

You can use Affiliate Networks to advertise your company if you can provide a offer that can be advertised on the internet. You also use Affiliate Networks to earn income on your websites. You can place banner ads on your website and advertise non-competing companies to earn more income for your company.


One of the most popular Affiliate Networks on the internet. Offering 1000’s of products you can sell on your website. Very good information and many companies help support this website. Very good reputation for paying your commissions.


Maxbounty has been voted the number one Affiliate Network a number of times in the last few years. Lots of offers to help you earn some extra income for your websites. We are members with the one as well. It is based in Canada and always want to help a good well run Canadian firm.


Sharesale has a very good reputaion for good offers and opportunties to there clients. Well worth looking at for one of your Affiliate networks.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant

Another top rated Affiliate Network. Some of the top companies in North America advertise using this network. Put this one on your list to review.

Amazon Associates

This is the largest affiliate network that I know of at the time of this writing. Selling every type of product category you can think of. You can use this company in a number of ways.  You can sell your own products or someone else. You can sell anyone product that is currently listed on Amazon once you are an Associate. Commissions are not very large but you can be selling in your own little store in a few hours. You definitely want to investigate becoming an Amazon Associate.

Affiliate Service Providers

The referrals listed below offer a variety of services to you and your business to help you manage and run your internet business. All have decent support help to  answer your questions. We recommend reviewing them and their services offered before joining or working with them.


A well respected company that has built one of the best autoresponder services designed specifically for multiple lists management. You can design separate campaign’s for each stage of your sales process. From the initial contact, the follow up sales and to future product or service announcements. Only con would be it is one of the costlier option. Sometime you must pay for a good system.


A service that monitors all your links and money making websites. It does it from one piece of software. Depending on how big you grow your business on the Internet, you must be able to monitor your links. What works and what doesn’t work. If you don’t know the answer to this question you will never have a great business. You must monitor your activities and determine the R.O.I. return on Investment for everything you are doing. The good news is there are lots of programs available to help , Clickmeter is one of them

Thrive Leads

Thrive leads helps build your lists. Allow you to build lists and do A/B testing of ads. Includes very good analytical review of what works and what is not working. It is a WordPress Plug in so you must have a WordPress website. WordPress based websites are very common as the allow for a wide variety of managing and building them. You can add little plug ins to do all the basics and complicated functions on your website. It is a plug and play system. Thrive leads builds a program right inside your website.


We use this software for most of our digital product delivery. We have been using it for over 3 years. A reliable platform that allows us to build landing pages quickly and do our A/B testing to find the best R.O.I. There are other programs that can do similar tasks but this one is very friendly.


ManageWp is one of my favorite software programs. It manages all my websites on a daily basis. Providing me with notification when any of my websites needs to be updated. With multiple plugins and software applications on each website I need to have a simple way to monitor all of them on one page. ManageWP does this easily, quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend this software to anyone using a WordPress websites.