Direct Mail

Direct mail suppliers consist of printers, mailing companies, fulfillment companies and  shipping firms. Add to that the copywriters and Graphic design firms. There are many companies offering all these services. You can easily find a number of firms in your local area or you can outsource the service worldwide these days. You can find all you need with Google.

This list is some of the special services that we have found.

3D Mail Results is a company that can help you find the right kind of 3D item to use in your mailings. Using 3D mailings makes you stand out from the average piece of mail. If you want your mailing package opened, make it stand out from the crowd. This company can help you with this service. is another firm offering 3D mailing pieces. Always good to have a couple choices.

Canada Post

If you plan to mail in Canada you will want to use the services of our government to help you through the process of mailing for your business in Canada. There are lots of resources to help you with your mailing plans. A good place to visit when doing any direct mail in Canada


The United States Postal Service is massive. Even though it is run by a government, it is still a powerful marketing machine. Built to help businesses contact their customers. Never underestimate the ability of this company to help you build your customer lists. You can target any type of client you want in any area of the United States of America. Take your time to investigate all the services they can provide.