Writing and Copywriting Links

Copy writing is the online sales person. A website is a visual experience with written words or videos to help sell what you have to offer. The written word is the basic building block of your website. You have two choices, go this process alone and learn how to become a good copywriter or hire one to write your sales copy for all your advertising.

The good news is that copywriters come in all levels of budget. Please note that the people we are referring you to are tops in their field. You can find lower cost copywriters on Fiverr and other outsourcing websites. Your budget will determine who you can use.

If you want to learn the trade or build your skills in the world of copy writing this section will help you do this.


I am a member of this website and have studied two courses of theirs. Very good training for anyone looking to seriously be a copy writer. I highly recommend their courses and training.


GKIC is one of my highest recommended memberships that you will want to  get involved in. Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer built this membership and both are experts in Direct marketing and training others in Direct Mail marketing. Dan has a series of books all of which I highly recommend for reading. Dan has a heck of a personality and it comes through in all his books. He is a No B.S. type of guy who tells it exactly like it is. I have been a member of GKIC since 2010.

The Gary Halbert Letter

A master copy writer with a website devoted to his craft. You must visit this site and read the many samples of Gary’s work. His son’s continue to help people learn about their fathers great talents. It runs in the family as well.

John Carlton

John is another copy writer that you want to study. Well know for his many campaigns that brought in millions of dollars in sales. He has a very good training book and membership website.