Sales Training


The sale is made, you have delivered your product or service. You now need to build a system to stay in touch with your client.

Depending on what you are selling you will need to design your follow-up program to fit your products or services.

At the very least you want to follow this basic follow-up program.

A thank you letter after the initial sale: You need to say thank you to your new client or customer

A survey on how the transaction was: Send them a quick letter to ask them how they thought the sales transaction went. Ask for what was good and what was bad. Give them an incentive to do so. A discount or another product for free. You can use this contact to promote another product or service.

A request for a referral: Ask your new client to refer a friend or colleague so that you can sell them as well. Ad a referral request in all your contacts if it fits into the situation. You can once again offer discounts and free products for referring their friends. Don’t make it cheap, but use it if possible

A letter or postcard or website introduction to more FREE information: You need to provide your new client with FREE valuable information. This cannot be just a simple easy to find piece of information. You need to find something that adds real value to your product or service. This then opens the door for future sales. You can begin promoting upgrades and other add-on products at this point

A brochure or Sales letter for another product or service. By now a month or two have passed. You have now established a good relationship. You can now introduce a new product or an upgrade to the first product you sold. This is a good time to introduce more FREE information. Any time you can provide helpful information or tips to your client, take the time to do so.

This is the basic follow up program that any product or service should follow. There are many types of follow up programs or customer management software programs on the market.

These programs can help manage all your current and future contact with your clients or customers. They can remind you when you need to contact them again to follow-up. They help in re ordering and in scheduling new product announcements.

This doesn’t even begin to tell you all the statistics they keep for future reference. They save all the important information for you and then help you to use it to sell them more.

Programs such as:



These programs have great support and training features and can manage almost any size of business. Unless your business has a custom-built software program to do the same thing, I suggest checking out each of these programs.

Idea: If there is not a current software management program for your industry, perhaps you can have one made that would work. You can then distribute the program to your competitors and build another stream of income.

Develop a follow-up program from beginning

You must write this program at the same time that you develop your sale presentation and your closing techniques.

Consider this step as a further closing technique. One that builds your future relationship with your client or customer. The more times you can touch your client in the future the better your chance of keeping this person as your client.

Use the power of the internet to help

The internet is designed to help every business do follow up. To help sell you and your product and services automatically, while you sleep. You will learn all about these other options.

We will direct you to where you can learn about different techniques and also provide you some of the best sources for learning more detailed step by step programs from the experts in the industry.

Learn from the same experts that we did. Their value to your business and future is almost priceless.

I have been studying sales and marketing since I was 16 years old. I have been running my own businesses since my teens.

Many would say I was working for a company, but in reality, if you are a commissioned sales person you are your own small business. The more you sell the more you make. An hourly or salaried person doesn’t have this opportunity. They can only earn their salary or maybe a bonus or some overtime.

A commissioned sales person has no ceiling on their earning. A company will never stop a good sales person from making more sales. They may interject if you are breaking rules or causing customer complaints. If you are making your company money, they will let you have a free reign. In many cases, they will help you to promote your services or products even more than other sales staff.

Training and mastering your techniques is critical.

Take time to learn and master your techniques. Study then practice what you have learned. Adapt what you learn to your sales presentation and to your follow up programs.