10 Pro Tricks to Master Local Search Marketing

Annie shares 10 tricks for making more sales using local search engine marketing.

Answering questions and posting on your website is a great way to get customers involved. Saying “Thank you” for kind reviews is another trick to make it look like you are more involved. Outsource this service if needed, or simply assign this to a trusted employee.

Have a public dialog with your customers make it seem more personal. People want this personal service. Your customers like interaction, especially on higher priced ticket items or services.

These 10 tricks can help you get better positioning on the search engines.

10 Pro Tricks to Master Local Search Marketing

A successful local marketing strategy requires more than just choosing a few general keywords and setting up pages on Facebook and Yelp. Small businesses and consumers are constantly getting smarter. So if you want to stay ahead of the competition and make sure local customers can find your business, your local marketing strategy has to evolve.

Small Business Trends recently spoke with David “Rev” Ciancio, director, industry insights for Yext, a company that helps businesses manage their digital knowledge and reputation everywhere it lives online including listings, maps, apps, Knowledge cards and more. During the conversation, Rev shared a number of helpful insights for small businesses looking to step up their local marketing efforts. Here are the top 10 tips.

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