10 Research-Backed Ways to Improve Sales Success

Inproving your sales techniques takes constant practice. The funny thing about sales training, it is hard to remember all the different steps involved in a typical sales presentation. Practise makes perfect.

The folks at Entrepreneur always give us great advice on selling. These 10 methods can help improve your sales success.

10 Research-Backed Ways to Improve Sales Success

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While you’re undoubtedly laser-focused on a monster fourth sales quarter, something else requires your attention: 2020 planning. It’s time to reflect on what brought success this year that you want to continue, as well as what didn’t work that you need to change. What are the most pressing matters to address?

The RAIN Group Center for Sales Research recently asked 423 sales and enablement professionals to reveal their top sales priorities for the next 12 months. We found that leadership is focused on:

  1. Improving sellers’s ability to communicate value.
  2. Improving sales team productivity.
  3. Increasing business with existing accounts.
  4. Improving retention, repeat business and renewals.
  5. Improving sales opportunity approach and planning.
  6. Improving sellers’s ability to inspire with new ideas.
  7. Winning more against competitors.
  8. Improving sales manager effectiveness.
  9. Driving new logos/new accounts won.
  10. Optimizing the sales process.

Here are 10 research-backed strategies to tackle these priorities and improve your overall sales success.

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