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Media Buying:

Online Internet Advertising:

The internet is a different kettle of fish when it comes to media buying. I really have not found similar discounts for this type of media buy. Many of the media sources have a built-in system to provide discounts to large advertisers.

If your ads begin to sell, the system you are advertising on tracks this and figures out you have a winner. If you have a winner that means you will want to advertise more. The media knows this so they promote your ads more times and at a less cost per click.

It seems a little odd that they would do it this way but if your ad is working. The system thinks you are providing a better service to your clients. They want to promote the best information to their users so they promote your ads to a larger audience more often and normally at a lower cost per click.

There are still media choices with standard discounts

Individual websites can still negotiate discounts for multiple displays of your banner ads. The more ads you buy with these sites the better the discount you will receive. That said, they too can work a better deal on an ad that works. If it gets a lot of clicks they may lower the cost in a similar way done by the search engines and social network sites.

Today I find most internet advertising works on the Search engine and social network discount system. The advantage to this system is that it is all automatic and there is little human interaction. If your ads provide good value and have lots of clicks discount will be automatic.

I think this is a way they tempt you to spend more money. That can be good and bad, it depends on your profit margins and return on your investment.

It is important to monitor your internet advertising

The search engines and social networks provide instant results and this allows you to evaluate the profit or loss of your advertising the same day the ads run. A small success with your ad normally always means you need to expand your test.

Increase the number of ads shown or expand the territory of where your ad is displayed. Testing your ads with larger media buys is the only way to get the true results.

Once you have a small winning ad, double check your profits

Once you have a good test done you need to confirm if the ads are making a profit. If they are not, you need to stop the campaign and rework it. You must make a profit, you are not in business to lose money or build a brand that may someday disappear. Leave that to the big boys, they can afford to waste advertising dollars, you can’t.

Every ad must make a profit before you roll it out

You are not COKE or Budweiser, you don’t have a multi-million-dollar budget. You must track every dollar you spend. Evaluate the results of your latest advertising campaign. There are many ways to do this just type “Tracking your ads” into Google or Bing and you will find multiple software programs to do this many of which are free. Check our resource center for more suggestions.

Once you have a winner, roll it out

A roll out simply means buy more ads and expand your campaign. Keep tracking expenses and the results. If you have a winner, run with it. Test different aspects of that ad as it becomes your new “Control” and you need to always test your ads.

Ads tend to grow old fast in on the Internet as the same group tend to end up seeing your ads multiple time. Like any advertising, it can grow old if it is seen to often.

This is easy to track as you will notice that the ad begins to work less and the results tend to fall of as it becomes old and worn. The trick now is to replace it with a new ad or to simply turn it off for now. You can do this by contacting your search engine or social network media source and asking them to stop the campaign.

If you stop a campaign you can easily start it with a simple email or by logging back into your account and hitting the start button once again.

If the results start to drop, simply shut it down

You can use it again in the future or use a different version of it. The good news is you are testing all the time so you will end up with multiple winners. You can turn them on and off easily. If they get old, shelve them for a while and use them again in the future, a few months or years later.

Winning ads can be used multiple times over long periods of time

Winning ads can be used again. You can tweak them a bit and test a new aspect or simply use it again if enough time has passed.

The internet has millions of users worldwide your audience changes every day as new users join the system and old ones disappear into cyber space. You can rerun your winning ads in different locations and using different languages.

Old ads work and some of the best ads I have ever seen are based on old advertising. I am always surprised when I see and ad that I know was used in the past. It has been altered to work into today’s marketplace but the concept itself still works. Millions are made every year because people like us learn how to use old successful ads in new ways.

Your best discounts will be earned when you advertise on the Internet

You will be granted automatic discounts when using most internet advertising services. They like winners as well. The lesson here is that you need to spend your time and money testing to find the next winner in your pocket.

Testing will provide you with winners and the system will reward you with discounts