9 Ways to Appeal to Millennial Shoppers

This one is slanted towards brick and mortar stores, but can easily be adapted to online stores.

Appealing to the younger shopper is how business will survive. You need to have their point of view. An easy way to get that is to hire or sub contract a few of them and watch what they talk about. What are they interested in? Survey your staff, better yet survey their friends and peers.

Make a contest for completing a quiz or survey.  Every entry gets them a entry to some type of prize. Make the prize something they really want.

Get their opinions and even offer a product or two at big discount for taking the survey. Use this as a special bonus. It will help build a loyal following.

9 Ways to Appeal to Millennial Shoppers

Most demographers define millennials as having birth years from the early 1980s to roughly 2000. Millennials may not have much disposable income, but they tend to spend more freely than the generations before them. So it makes sense to update your online store to cater to this group, which has, reportedly, $1.3 trillion of annual buying power.

According to a study by Charles Schwab, millennials trump Generation X (early 1960s to early 1980s) and Baby Boomers (early 1940s to early 1960s) when it comes to buying the latest gadgets, clothes, and experiences.

How does a store that doesn’t necessarily target millennials tap into their ever-increasing purchasing power? Here are nine ways to facelift a store to convert millennial shoppers.

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