Are you using these 11 tips for click-worthy headlines?

An excellent post by the folks at Leadpages. These tips can really increase your CTR. Having a good headline to grab your readers attention can mean success or failure on any ad you run.

Are you using these 11 tips for click-worthy headlines?

Editor’s Note: Brian Liang, founder of the Small Business Ideas Blog, penned this fine post as a Leadpages Guest Blogger. Interested in writing for the Leadpages blog? Hit us with your best shot!

If you’re using blogging and content marketing to engage your audience, you know just how much time and energy it takes to cook up a seriously delicious piece of content—and get it to stand out online.

Would you be surprised to learn that while 8 out of 10 people will read an article’s headline, only 2 out of 10 people will read the article? It’s as horrifying as it is true. That means that if you’re investing 8 hours into crafting a magnificent blog article, driving traffic to it, and sharing it across the web—it’s only being read by 20% of the people that know it exists in the first place. Not cool.

Rather than letting your blood, sweat, and carefully polished prose go to waste, the best thing you can to squeeze value from your blog is to invest a little brain power into crafting a headline that will hook your audience and make it absolutely impossible for people to click away.

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