5 Tips to Target Your Niche with Video

Targeting your videos can help your get a better viewership in your business. Focusing on your core customers and where they hang out can improve your returns on your marketing campaigns.

Jill Addison shares 5 tips on how to target your niche business using videos.

5 Tips to Target Your Niche with Video

by Jill Addison

More and more professionals are turning to video as a way to engage with prospects and clients. My own financial advisor has a great set up in his office that allows him to send impromptu video messages to clients – to answer quick questions and to wish them happy birthday or happy anniversary.

True – for many financial professionals, compliance may have a say in your more formal video scripts, but that hasn’t stopped a number of advisors/agents from turning to this great tool.

Enter Jill Addison (https://faclientmachine.com) who is the go-to expert in using video to create engagement and build a business.  I now turn over this blog post to Jill.

Here’s what Jill writes for us…

“The Riches are in the Niches”, it’s still true. When you specialize in a narrow niche, it opens up broad opportunities for you. There is so much abundance in the world, and paradoxically the best way to gain a wide-open field of opportunity is to go deep into one narrow area and become a rock star expert in that specialty.

When you focus on a niche, it makes everything easier. You’ll attract and capture clients more easily because you’re perceived as an expert.

  1. You’ll know where to find your Ideal Client to market to them more effectively.
  2. And you’ll become world-class in your level of service because you’re focused on one thing that you do extraordinarily well.

5 ways to make marketing to your niche specialty irresistible using video:

  1. Get custom videos that are laser focused on your niche. When you demonstrate your expertise in your niche with video content, you show your prospects and clients that you are truly an authority and an expert, to the point that you have your own video series about your specialty!
  2. Make sure your videos are short and sweet. The ideal length for marketing videos is 1-2 minutes, so don’t make the mistake of believing that people will give you their time in our rushed world. Keep your marketing succinct. You’ll find that you’ll be a better communicator when you force yourself to be brief.
  3. Educate, Don’t Sell. The new direction of marketing is “Content Marketing”, which means that you provide valuable educational content about your niche to attract your ideal client. When you demonstrate your expertise through your digital marketing, you’ll build good will and be seen as a valuable resource for the financial questions your prospects and clients are asking themselves.
  4. Feature a mix of “talking head” and animated videos. These two styles of videos bring very different advantages. “Talking head” videos help people feel like they know you personally, which helps them like and trust you, and makes them more likely to become your client. Animated videos are usually more entertaining and engaging than talking head videos, which keeps your audience watching longer. The visual aspect of animation helps make complex concepts simple, which is a perfect fit for conveying complicated financial information.
  5. Leverage your video content on multiple digital platforms. Video is like a super tool that makes every other digital marketing strategy more effective. Post your videos on your website, your blog, your social media, and in your email newsletter to get maximum return on investment.

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