Facebook Groups: New Features for Businesses

The latest trend for social media marketing is focusing on using Facebook Groups to build your own tribe. A tribe of customers or clients that help promote your business.

Micheal Stelzner has some great ideas on social media marketing. We have shared his posts before and this latest trend deserves some more investigation.

Facebook Groups: New Features for Businesses

Do you want to do more with Facebook Groups? Wondering how to use the newest Facebook Groups features?

To explore what’s new with Facebook Groups and how the changes benefit marketers, I interview Bella Vasta. Bella is a Facebook Groups expert, author of The Four Types of Dogs Every Business Needs, and host of the Bella in Your Business podcast.

Bella shares her front yard/back yard analogy for Facebook marketing. You’ll also find tips for using new Facebook Groups features including badges, units, subscriptions, and more.

Read a summary of the interview below. To listen to the interview, scroll to the end of this article.

Read the full article here

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